Monday, September 21, 2015

Fred and Jack's

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

It's been a minute since we went and checked out a hot dog stand for the Chicago Style Tour. Since I had driven past Fred and Jack's on countless occasions I decided to stop in and document for the site. As you can see in the sign they've been around the est Chatham since 1946. These days it teams up with an El Gran Burrito which is a longstanding quick service Mexican restaurant who's first location is west on North avenue. The're very little online but I think the owners of El Gran may have bought Jack and Fred's as least that was what I got out of the pictures inside. Lets take a look.

Locals favorite in the West Chatham / Grand Crossing neighborhoods

The Chicago style fast food portion of the menu is the standard stuff. There's lots of mentions for the milk shakes which they are made with real fruit. I was there to try a hot dog which comes with fresh cut fries on the side. The $2.60 asking price is dirt cheap these days. It's a larger skinless wiener and they come topped with everything plus lettuce. It's not the best hot dog in the city but the price is on point. The way its dressed along with the taste reminded me of Byron's Hot Dogs on Montrose on the Northside. But Fred and Jack's is less than half the price so it makes for a cheap bite.

Hot Dog with Everything 

Fred and Jack's
7600 S Yale Ave    
Chicago, IL 60620 
(773) 783-9700

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