Monday, June 8, 2015

Psistaria Greek Tavern

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Greek Eats 

You know I don't know why it is but I get these random craving for Greek Cuisine out of nowhere sometimes. Probably due to the fact I like to eat Greek food but the cravings come out of nowhere. Anyways most people think Greektown over on Halsted when the topic of where to eat good Greek food comes up but the problem with over there is the parking and traffic that comes with visiting the area. The other thing is the food is hit and miss at the popular spots. So today we check out a long loved Greek restaurant in the suburbs and see how it compares to the city spots.

Longtime locals favorite in Lincolnwood

Psistaria Greek Tavern isn't an off the radar spot by any means. They've been featured on WTTW's 'Check, Please' and have been recognized as a Great Neighborhood Restaurant by LTHforum. However I hadn't been until this past year when the taste for some Greek food came and I was out in Skokie which isn't far from Lincolnwood where Psistaria Greek Tavern is located. It's a big space inside and there's a full service bar and you're always greeted with a smile upon entry. A couple of always reliable items include the homemade soups and also the housemade gyros.

Soups and Gyros are Made in House

But my recently discovered go-to item from here has been the grape leaves. I've long been a fan of this Mediterranean snack and I've always preferred the warm version usually made with lamb and beef as opposed to the cold variety thats always vegetarian. Here they make a homemade version that includes both lamb and beef and comes smothered in a lemon sauce. On the side is a thing of rice with tomato sauce, and all together it really hits the spot. Best example I've had in Chicagoland.

Grape Leaves

Psistaria Greek Tavern
4711 W Touhy Ave
Lincolnwood, IL 60712
(847) 676-9400

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