Friday, June 12, 2015

Fat Rice Brunch

-Weekend Brunchin'

Fat Rice has taken the Logan Square 'hood by storm. Already named one of the best new restaurants in America they're doing some expansion work thats set to include a cocktail bar and also a takeout window for their popular peri-peri chicken. If you're unfamiliar with Fat Rice you can check out my original review HERE. Today we check out the brunch menu at what still might be the only restaurant in the USA to specialize in the food of Macau, the former Portuguese colony in China.

The Hugely Popular Logan Square Restaurant

One of my favorite things on the menu at Fat Rice is their potsticker plate. It's made by steaming them in a pan lined with batter and they're addicting. For the brunch menu another type of dumplings make an appearance. The boiled dumplings are filled with minced ginger with pork meat that come sitting atop a large puddle of sichaun garlic oil. I'd say they're almost as good as the pot stickers.

Boiled Dumplings

One of the items on the brunch menu that tempted me is the pork shop sandwich. It sounds very normal when reading it's description but because this is Fat Rice I expected it to be much more than that, I was right. The sandwich itself is very normal as far as prep but the flavors run deep. The pork was so tender and meaty that I considered ordering one for myself, at just $8 it's one of the cheaper things on the menu. Lace it with their house hot sauce to take it up even further.

Pork Chop Sandwich 

The item that really caught my eye is the minchi hash. I love a good bowl of hash, no pun intended, and this was that. They take both minced pork and also beef and stir fry them with greens and little crispy garlic sticks and hot peppers. It all goes over coconut rice and gets topped with a runny egg. I mixed it all together and went to work, which was a lovely day at the office. I'll be back for this and whatever else is coming out of the kitchen at one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago.

Michi Hash 

Fat Rice
2957 W Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 661-9170
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