Wednesday, June 10, 2015

JR's Jamaican Jerk & BBQ

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 Jamaican Joints

Pardon my French but the South Suburbs have a shit ton of Jamaican Jerk Shacks. I've seen them riding around, they're everywhere. Sometimes they find you as was the case with JR's Jamaican Jerk and BBQ. While riding down Sibley, a street with many jerk stands, JR's stood put because the smell of smoke was in the air. It also had the looks to go with the smell. So I checked it out.

Locals favorite in Dolton, IL

As you can see above the look of JR's might pass for a jerk shack in Jamaica. The whole experience from the hot smokey inside with a big ass fan to cool customers down over to the 10 minute wait for the plate of food, it felt like I was on the island while inside of the restaurant. The Yelp reviews are good and the smell was there so I went with a 1/2 chicken and chose my sides to be rice and peas with gravy and also mac and cheese. This was a very satisfying plate of food. My lone complaint was the skin, it was too mushy, and basically tasteless but the meat had smoke that penetrated thru and when dipped in the sauce it was delightful. The sides were also on point. The mac and cheese being one of the more flavorful examples that I've tried. Good stuff coming out of here.

Jerk Chicken Plate

JR's Jamaican Jerk and BBQ
1031 E Sibley Blvd
Dolton, IL 60419
(708) 849-2227

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