Monday, April 6, 2015

PikoRiko Pollo

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Columbian Eats

A few months ago a dope restaurant caught my eye on North avenue that specializes in Colombian style Pollo al Carbon. PikoRiko Pollo is a family owned Colombian Rotisserie that has an indoor rotisserie machine that holds charcoal which they rotate some heavily seasoned birds over.

Humboldt Park

One of the best cheap eats meals I've ate of late is a half chicken served with some pretty normal sides of boiled potatoes and plantains but they work well as a whole. The succulent smokey chicken meat dipped in housemade salsa verde is tongue candy. Same price as a case of water at the store.

Half of Rotisserie Chicken served with potato and sweet plantains

Last month I tried the mini Bandeja Paisa platter. This is a much loved Colombian style lunch plate popular in it's homeland for the amount of food it includes. That was obvious in the fact a mini could've passed for a large and I wouldn't of thought twice about it. PikoRiko serves a traditional plate as far as what comes on it. You get steak, chorizo, chicharon, arepa, egg, plantain, rice, and beans. At $8.95 this is yet another great bang for your buck meal. I ate the whole thing as a late lunch and was good until later the next day. They also do a daily soup special I've been wanting to try. Check them out.

Mini Bandeja Paisa Platter

PikoRiko Pollo Colombian Rotisserie
3625 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 666-5059

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