Friday, April 24, 2015

Frite Street

-Grubbing in Chicago
Food Truck turned Brick & Mortar

The food truck scene in Chicago continues to be amateur at best. Sure theres a few trucks that get to park downtown in areas where most city residents have no interest in traveling too. Thus most of their customer base is people that work nearby wherever it is they setup shop. It's too bad because the more trucks the more chance for abandoned storefronts to eventually be rented once the food truck knows it's going to be a successful brick and mortar. I've seen it in places like Austin and it happens all the time in Portland and other spots. Which isn't to say it's never happened here. Take the Slide Ride for example. This food truck specializing in slider style sandwiches hit the road in 2011. Despite constant rules from the city that were meant to brake them, they survived and now have a brick and mortar in Avondale called Frite Street. Lets check it out.

Avondale shop specializing in Fries

Frite Street is a spinoff of the Slide Ride. They opened at the end of last year and have gained a loyal following the past year. It's a small space inside with enough room for maybe 15 people. The menu sits on the wall and then there's a chalkboard with all the days specials. The theme here is french Fries, but don't call them that. They serve Belgian style frites and offer an assortment of topping options, everything from pork belly to Guinness Gravy Poutine.

Menu (click pic to enhance)

On top of the fries they also serve the sliders that made them a fixture in Chicago's food truck scene. I usually refrain from calling mini burgers sliders but will not be giving a lesson today on why that's so. All you need to know is these little guys are quite the treat. I enjoyed both my bacon cheddar offering as well as the Guinness burger made with a wonderful horseradish cream that goes perfect with beef. At just $3/each these are some of the better burgers for under $5 that you will find.

Sliders from the Slide Ride 

The Frite boxes are a meal in of themselves. The fries are freshly cut and cooked twice to order. Some of the better ones you'll find. But they're actually the supporting actor in most menu options. On a recent Friday visit I got to try the Friday Fish Fry box which was a very satisfying lunch. You don't have many Friday Fish Fry options in town and its nice to indulge in one thats a bit different from the norm. Chunks of juicy fried catfish are topped with a homemade tarter sauce, green onions and a pickles. My only gripe was not putting the sauce on the side. Too much tarter on some fries.

Friday Fish Fry Box

Frite Street
3006 N Elston Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(312) 925-1911

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