Monday, April 13, 2015

Bro-N-Laws BBQ

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

If you hadn't already heard it's with sad news that I inform you Honey 1 has taken off for Bronzeville. Of course it could be much worse and they could be completely shutting down giving the city one less Chicago style aquarium smoked BBQ. But it still makes for a drag for those on the Northside who frequented their now old Bucktown location. The good news is there's a relatively unknown smoke shack located West on Chicago avenue that may be able to satisfy your tips and link craves.

Chicago Style Smoke Shack on the city's West Side 

I first heard of Bro-N-Laws rebirth when Mike Sula did a little piece on them for The Reader, or maybe it was over at LTHforum, either way the respective people that wrote each review visited the new location together. Bro-N-Laws used to be a little bit East until moving into new digs last year.

Restaurant Artwork on the Wall

The Q received some good words from both guys who tried it and one day when riding by I got a whiff of smoke and decided to see if the consistency was there. It's not easy to put out consistently good meat but it seems as if lunch hour is the time to get here. I ordered a small tips/links combo and came away quite pleased. Pungent smoke aroma filled my car and the well rendered meat was just at the point where it resists for a split second before giving into your craves. I'm not saying it's better than Honey One but it's good and is probably the closest Northside option for this style now. 

Rib Tips and Hot Links 

Bro-N-Laws BBQ
3820 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60654
(773) 227-8344

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