Monday, March 23, 2015

The Red Lion Pub

 -Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat/drink.

There was a time in my youth when my fake ID could get me into any bar in Lincoln Park located on Lincoln avenue, with the exception of one. The Red Lion Pub has been a fixture of the neighborhood since 1984. The owner knew our age thus we wouldn't be drinking there until we turned 21. There was a period when Red Lion wasn't around for a few years due to the rebuilding of the entire inside. I was happy to hear of their reopening last year. Even though we weren't allowed to drink there the owner Colin was always happy to have us in when it came to the food, a favorite of my buddy that lived down the block. Lets check out the reincarnation.

Locals Favorite in Lincoln Park

No word on whether or not the construction scared the ghosts away but the buildings history remains, it's just alot prettier inside now. You get an idea of why it took so long to rebuild upon stepping inside. It's much more open now and still has two levels for patrons to enjoy food/drink.

a peek inside

Beer at the Bar

Speaking of food, they stepped it up here. The menu is basically the same but the quality of ingredients has increased greatly. One of my favorite wintertime eats is a nice serving of Shepard's Pie. At Red Lion they're making theirs with beef and lamb and instead of ground meat they're using small chunks cooked down into tender bites. An excellent example of this English pub favorite.

Shepard's Pie

Another example of the kitchens growth is in an old favorite of mine. The Red Lion Burger was once in my regular diet when I was growing up a few blocks away. These days it's as good as ever. They use Kilgus Farmstead beef and smash two balls down into thin patties while cooking. HP marinated onions, pub cheese, and a perfectly fluffy bun top off this simple but succulent delight. Fries are cut fresh and come with the option of a curried version served with a cup of mint yogurt on the side.

Lion Burger

I couldn't do a post on one of Chicago's premier English pubs without sampling the fish and chips. This plate stacks up well to the rest. Three nicely fried filets of ale battered cod sit atop a nice pile of fresh cut fries. Just like many of the other items the tartar sauce is now made in-house. It's great to have the Red Lion back and it's even better to see many of it's neighbors making it a regular stop.

Fish and Chips

The Red Lion Pub
2446 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-2422

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