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Lenten Fish Fry season is in full swing so I thought today would be the perfect day to head up to Rita's in Lake Bluff. Technically in it's own little town just off the Lambs Farm exit of I-94 the closest post office is in Lake Bluff thus that's what their address says. However this isn't a place where you're likely to find the people that live in some of the most desirable houses in Chicagoland. You're more likely to find locals from surrounding towns sitting inside. Rita's is part bar and part supper club. The type of tavern sitting inside a house thats commonly found throughout Wisconsin.

Locals favorite in Lake Bluff

I've been here a few times and each visit in has been a pleasant experience. Each of the times was similar as far as atmosphere. There were a bunch of regulars at the bar and quite a few couples and families too sitting at the tables. There's dining in a few different rooms. While I'm sure Rita's has its fair share of regulars there to drink, most of it's customer base is there to do that and eat. The menu is typical tavern style food with a few specials being the highlights. While no one is driving more than five minutes for potato salad, Rita's does make a really good one it's customer base loves. I think the reason its so satisfying is they keep it real simple. Also of note is the honey crusted fried chicken which I featured in a fried bird roundup I did in 2013. I still need to try their chicken fried steak.

Rita's Famous Potato Salad and Honey Fried Chicken 

One of the more popular nights to eat at Rita's is on Friday's. Partly due to most peoples weekends getting started and then partly because of the popular fish fry. In fact you can get their authentic lake perch plate on Wednesday's and Saturday's too. There's not too many places in Chicagoland that are doing a weekly fish fry with great lakes fish being used but seeing as how Rita's isn't all that far from Wisconsin it's not too big of a surprise to find them doing one. The filets are lightly breaded and cooked thru allowing for the flesh to easily fall apart. The fries are just frozen but they are the skinny variety ala McDonald's. You wont find too many roadhouses like Rita's around this way anymore which is why it's nice to seek it out when in the area. I always have a good time.

Lake Perch Fish Fry

13744 Rockland Rd
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
(847) 362-0157

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