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It had probably been over a decade since someone last shed some light on Chicago's lesser known regional sandwich aka the breaded steak. Then last week Ted Berg over at the USA Today claimed it to be the best sandwich in America in an article he did for the publication. Muhahaha. That was my initial reaction. Sorry Ted but until you show us your credentials you don't get to name the best sandwich in America let alone my city. The truth of the matter is it isn't even in the top 50 sandwiches in Chicago. I can show you my accreditation if you'd like to see it. That said there is a tasty breaded steak I like to enjoy when the taste for one comes, it only arrives maybe once a year.

Locals Favorite on 63rd Street

D'anardo's has been a neighborhood fixture for a couple decades now. When driving by you may notice the text that brags about them being famous for their jumbo breaded steak. So what is a jumbo breaded steak? Its a piece of beef, usually sent thru a tenderizer machine that then gets breaded and topped with marinara sauce and maybe some hot peppers and cheese. Its a southside Chicago thing and they're pretty common in Bridgeport where Ricobene's is located. However the best breaded steak isn't in Bridgeport, it's at D'anardo's in Clearing.

a peek inside

What makes this sandwich better than it's siblings? Well believe it nor not, not much, I already admitted too not being the biggest fan of these and it's mainly because of the steak, it tastes like nothing. Sometimes it can be resistant but not so at D'anardo's. What you see below is a regular sized sandwich and one I'm more comfortable eating, the jumbo is too big. Unlike many Chicago pizza places the sauce here isn't all that sweet which gets points in my book. The bread is fresh and the owner behind the counter is a character. You're likely to dine in with kids from the neighborhood as it seems to be a popular stop after school, most of the students opt for a slice of pizza but I'd advise you to stick with the sandwich. If Mr. Berg ever wants to try one he knows where find me.

Chicago Breaded Steak Sandwich

6535 W 63rd St
Chicago, IL 60638
(773) 586-7373

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Anonymous said...

I use to live 2 blocks from D'anardo's- literally. I miss their breaded steak sandwich, and the Clearing neighborhood in general. Good stuff.

Good Eating As Always,



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