Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hala Kahiki

Touring the Tavern's
& Drinking Joint's of Chi-Land

-Tiki Style

Tucked away in Chicago's River Grove suburb is one of America's most authentic remaining tiki bars. The Hala Kahiki has been bringing the south seas feel to Chicago since they moved into the suburb after being a neighborhood tavern in the city at Fullerton and Lockwood. The idea for a tiki bar came about when the old places walls were deteriorating and the cheapest way to fix it was with outdoor fencing that looked like bamboo from Sears. When the regulars asked if the place was going tropical it was all in from that point.

Chicagoland's most authentic and now it's only tiki lounge

The entrance inside

With summer winding down if you haven't been to the Hala you should head over. They have a very authentic tiki bar feel with the atmosphere inside being mellow and the lighting very low with some music playing and tiki mixers tending the bar. You can sit at the bar or one of the many tables inside or when the weather is good the back garden. I love to stop in for two drink (anymore and I might not make it home) and have one inside and one outside. The garden is beautiful and on a hot sunny day you just might feel like your in Hawaii as you sit there and sip on one of their 100+ offerings. From Mai Tais to Zombies, coffee drinks and ice cream ones too. They're all potent and people come from all over to have one.

Zombie Killer

Coconut based tiki drink

Gift Shop attached to the compound

If your ever in need of some Hawaiian gear before heading to the island or a theme party they also have a gift shop with clothing and other South Seas merchandise. It's a quick easy ride from the city, I usually just take Grand over to River Road and then stop in at legendary hot dog joint, Gene & Jude's both before and after a visit to Hala Kahiki. Now with the new casino in neighboring Des Plaines you can make a night out of it with friends which is what you'll see many people doing at this Chicagoland drinking favorite.

Hana Hou!

Hala Kahiki Lounge
2834 River Road
River Grove, IL 60171
(708) 456-3222

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