Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Barrelhouse Flat

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Has the cocktail scene taken off where your from? All around the country the art of handcrafted cocktail mixing is making a major comeback. Chicago included but for whatever reason my 'hood of Lincoln Park just hasn't gotten anything good and I know the people, myself included have been waiting. Well that's all about too change. Located at 2624 N. Lincoln, where the old Deja Vu nightclub used to be is where the Barrelhouse Flat is opening up. Lucky for me I also know the men behind what is sure to be one of the city and countries best cocktail stops. They got food too!

The insides as of this summer

B&B are bringing the Barrelhouse to the neighborhood after some heavy research and more importantly the passion and dedication to make it happen. I will hold off on any details but will let you know that you can follow their blog of the opening and get the news straight from the tap. Check them out HERE and also if your on Facebook make sure to like them HERE. Twitter doodles can follow them HERE. Who knows maybe they'll give me free drinks to get their blog going? Either way you'll find me there opening day and beyond this upcoming Fall season. I'm fully on board with the cocktail craze.

Some random liquor pics from my collection...

Stay tuned, big September ahead here @chibbqking

The Barrelhouse Flat
2624 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
Coming in Fall of 2011

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