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J.P Graziano Grocery

-Chicago's Italian Grocers

"A special place for a special city" is what I tell people J.P Graziano Italian grocer on Randolph street is. Located at Peoria and Randolph in the meatpacking and produce district they've been supplying Chicagoland with imported Italian groceries since 1937. Like all the great spots, they are still all in the family and the original founders grandson Jim Jr runs the place with great passion here today in 2010. Customer service is unmatched when it comes to JP Graziano and the items they sell are the best of the best from Italy, all handpicked by Jim and his family with great knowledge. Inside you can find most everything you need should you be planning any Italian feasts this year during the holiday season. If so I would suggest you head on over to JP Graziano in the West Loop to find the best available quality of what it is your looking for be it cheese or spices, olives and other Italian food specialties. Don't you love the wholesalers that stay open for the public? and even more, the ones that love when those customers come in?

On Randolph in the West Loop, a Chicago tradition

It's been this way since 1937

Lately I've found myself with less time to spend cooking and along with that a little taste for simple Italian dishes. With four generations of family putting their knowledge into this place and passing it down to each other, the quality selection and product advice here is unmatchable. The space inside is pretty wide and nice and open with large barrels of beans and spices throughout the side walls along with dried pastas, oils, sauces, baccala, cheese and gift baskets galore. It's gotten so good that they have a website with mail order. Let's take a stroll and get a few shots of the store inside.

The sandwich counter

Gift Baskets for the Holiday season and all others available

barrel's of beans, spices and seasonings surround the store

Great selection of imported and domestic cheeses

-The Sammy's of Chi

The best part about J.P Graziano and going grocery shopping there? the sandwiches made to order while you shop. It's amazing to me that more places cant make sandwiches like they put out here. The bread is fresh delivered daily and the meats are quality. They put your sandwich together only after you've ordered, all subs are cut fresh to order and most are $5.25 or $6.25 which is a great price. The menu, at least part of it is seen below and even when I don't need groceries for cooking, I stop in for a sandwich.

Menu outside

I'm a big fan of the "spicy" which is hot capicola, pepperoni, hot soppressata, provolone tomato & lettuce with vinegar & oregano. Along with that I like the Italian and the tuna is great too. Another one not seen on the menu above is the Mr. G, the house specialty. It consists of hot sopresatta, Prosciutto di Parma, Volpi Genoa salami, sharp imported provolone, truffle mustard balsamic vinaigrette, hot oil, Roman style artichoke, fresh basil lettuce with red wine vinegar and oregano. I have a hard time deciding each time I visit for a sandwich so I love it wen I go with a few heads or am getting a sandwich platter for a party. They do it all over at Graziano and you can see the sub sandwich menu HERE. Great place for lunch in the West loop and worth the drive if not.

Italian sub, out of the paper ready for chowing

One of the best in a city with some good ones

The Mr. G, the House Specialty described up above

a "Spicy" with hot peppers is one of my favorite cold cuts around

J.P Graziano Grocery
901 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 666-4587

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