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2009's Christmas Day Dinner

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Happy Holiday, Happy Holiday! May the calendar keep bringing happy holiday to you! We are inching closer and closer to Christmas day which for me, is always one of the best eating days of the soon to be over year, and as you can see from here on da site, I eat well. Since my youth the schedule for December 25th has always been pretty much the same. We spend the late morning and afternoon on the southside with my moms fam and then head back north over to my aunt and uncles place for dinner with my dad's side of the family. My uncle never holds back when it comes to spectacular dinners. A former culinary grad who still loves cooking but never wanted the life of a chef so when he does something up, it's always world class. This is a look back at what was a sensational 2009 xmas day dinner. As has always been the case over at my aunt and unc's place, the party both starts and ends with champagne.

2009 Christmas Day Dinner

While the merry drinks keep flowing...

The Menu

Looking good huh? (click pic to enhance)

Veal/Pork Pâté

There are a few things that have been on the menu most every year including the champagne. Right around 4p or 5p the platter of homemade veal and pork pate is served with drinks like champagne and martinis. The platter includes toasted bread, mustard and pickles to make little sandwiches out of. I've been enjoying this since I was in grade school and I look forward to it with much joy. This is always one of the best presents I get every year. Santa Claus doesn't have anything like this.

Veal/Pork Pate Platter

a Pate sandwich for an appetizer

Shrimp and Lobster Bisque

Another one of the staples served is a shrimp and lobster bisque. The reason your not seeing any recipes is because all these dishes served are pretty standard offerings done lots of love and skill with fresh quality ingredients. This soup is one of my favorite anywhere with a rich creamy broth made from the shrimp and lobster shells with both meats and some carrots added in.

Skill with the knife

shrimp and lobster meat gets added in last second

Shrimp and Lobster Bisque (serve with chopped cilantro on top)

Osso Bucco with Mashed, Sauteed Green Beans & Peppers

The main dish at this annual dinner does change but one that has been served more than most is Osso Bucco. I would consider this to be my favorite of all the great plates my uncle does up. It can just about take you to eternal happiness and beyond with each bite. When I want something five star and world class over the winter this is what comes mind. Veal shanks braised until tender and falling off the bone. He does his Osso Bucco in a more modern version way which does not include tomatoes. The shanks are braised in red wine and broth with veggies added in for flavor until ready. Can you believe there was a time when veal shanks were cheap? Those were the days huh? Well here is how the dinner time plates are prepared. My favorite part is obviously the marrow which I always suck out at the end.

Sauteed green beans and peppers

Osso Bucco out of the pot ready for serving

Mashed potatoes with a Port veal reduction for gravy

2009 Christmas Day Dinner Plate

Osso Bucco with mashed potatoes/gravy, sauteed peppers and green beans

It gets no better than this

Bone marrow, simply delicious

Creme Caramel

My aunt is always doing up a spectacular desert and last year it was a creme caramel. Also known as flan this was as good of one as your going to have. Food historian Allan Davidson wrote "In the later part of the 20th century crème caramel occupied an excessively large amount of territory in European restaurant dessert menus. This was probably due to the convenience, for restaurateurs, of being able to prepare a lot in advance and keep them until needed" Once again proving my aunt and uncle are pro's at this and always ready to serve 20+ people without a blip on the radar. It's also always a blast lighting the cake on fire. It doesn't end with the cake though as there are more desserts which are brought from other family members, all of which are seen on the menu up above. Everyone of them is a pro at what they make.

My aunts creme caramel

I love my everything caramel...

For the kids amusement...the kids!

...may your every wish come true, Happy Holiday to you!

See ya next time on S'C'&C and check out 2008's Christmas day dinner HERE.

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I can hardly wait!! Great pictures! Great Descriptions!


Erika Jay said...

But, I am hungry now!!!
Nice one, King T... you are a gifted writer.
We are pretty lucky.

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What Beautiful picture quality and amazing food management on the dinning table all dinner foods are so spicy and tasty.


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