Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Three up, Three down

-The Sammy's of Chi (land)

Here my friends is further proof that I've been almost everywhere. If you haven't seen an eating spot up on here that just means I haven't gotten around to posting about it. I have so many places and projects to post about but since I'm a one man team it takes a little time. I would say that in my "future food projects" folder on my desktop there is maybe 30-40 spots I have been to and now they wait their turn like the rest most of them I've been back many times since. So I thought maybe instead of just not posting at all about the spots that missed my mark that I would throw them together as one and make a post out of it. So with that I bring to you three sandwiches that missed the mark. Not anything bad just not better than anything previously posted. So here is three up, three down-kind of like the Chicago Cubs 2009 season.

Starship Subs gets mad love from its loyal custys in da burbs

The first place up is a spot that I went to with very high expectations. The place has been around for quite a while and is always a big hit with people from Forest Park. Well I'm sorry to its loyal fans but this spot was nothing special. I got the feeling with all of the Star Wars like names to the sandwiches and soups and the design inside, that this place was nothing more than a spot loved by dorks in high school who had their mom pick up subs for their dungeon and dragons party each Friday. Due to the fact that their other favorite foods are instant Mac & Cheese and Cup O' Noodles, they just don't know any better. I don't know maybe it's b/c I didn't grow up on them. I hear the homemade soup is legit and I could see that being true since there were people getting that and they had 40+ kinds in the frozen freezer for people to take home with them. I had a Starship special and it tasted like cheap meats and cafeteria cheese on average bread. Sorry but this place isnt for me.

Starship Signature Sandwich

Here's a little groundball hopper to the shortstop who grabs it and throws to first. One down.

Granddaddy's is good but stay away from...

Next up to the plate is a familiar face in Chicago to some. Grandaddy's Subs on Taylor st. is actually a pretty good spot. In fact its a place that I enjoy for sandwiches every now and then. However I had read somewhere that Granddaddy's made up a killer cheesesteak and it was by far the best in Chicago. Now I'll fully admit that its my fault for believing some dope on the shit site that is Yelp! who's previous favorite cheesesteak was probably Subway's. I cant apologize to the person and people who like this particular choice from Grandaddy's because its just plain bad. I expect more from a spot that produces good sandwiches and I will stick with the Italian when I next visit.

Granddaddy's Cheesesteak sandwich

That's a swing and a miss for strike three. Two outs with nobody on.

a good family run joint

Next up to bat is a spot I feel bad about putting on here. One reason is because I know that the other home cooked items are good and the whole family is in on this little business. In fact if I lived near Savoia's T'go in Chicago Heights-I would get there often and even order the meatball every now and then. Its a cool little family run spot that seems to put out some good pasta's and other Italian delights. While the meatball sandwich was good it just wasn't the best I have ever had in Chicagoland and that's what I'm on the prowl for. One day when I'm back by Savoia's I will for sure stop in and see what else they have. I'm sure I'll have good things to report.

Savoia's meatball sandwich is good, not great, but good

Here is the 3-2 pitch and Savoia gets a piece of it Ron! this ball's gotta chaaaance! Oh! it died just as it got to centerfield and fell right before the basket to the warning track for out number three. That's three up and three down as we move to the 8th. Still no hits for the Cubs.

But don't you worry people because if you check back here on Friday I got a sandwich that is the Don of all sandwiches and it can be found anywhere because its a tailgating recipe for the upcoming 2009 NFL/Bears season. See you back here this weekend.

Starship Restaurant
7618 w Madison
Forest Park, IL 60130
(708) 771-3016


Grandaddy's Subs
2343 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612-4244
(312) 243-4200

Savoia's To Go
402 W. 14th Street
Chicago Heights, IL

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