Friday, August 28, 2009

The Big Fatty Capo di tutti capi Sammy

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Well folks I already gave you quite a few signature sandwiches that may tell you why your fat. Just this past July it was the McJeff making way for your summer grilling time get downs. What I am about to spill to you is a little trick of the trade-with full permission from those that need to give it-I gave myself permission. So I now introduce to you "The Big Fatty Capo di tutti capi Sammy" aka "The Johnny Whopper Carmineputo Jr" and all I can say is this might be one sandwich you don't wanna fuck with. Got it? Good. Your heart just might get whacked and you may disappear into the lake or something like that. I came up with this when I had quite a few leftovers from a meeting we held on Global Warming...or something like that. If you need anything for your Italian Tailgating Supplies for this upcoming Bears season then go see my guy's at Caputo's and they will take very good care of you. Everything you need to make this killer are in the aisle's and behind the deli counter at any one of their six convenient locations.

The Johnny Whopper Carmineputo Jr

loaf of Garlic bread
Italian Sausage Patty's
Different Italian sliced deli meats
shredded provolone cheese
sauteed sweet peppers
Banana peppers
hot giardineria

Please Note: Directions below are for a one portion sandwich but you can easily make this for a group of people at any tailgate, BBQ or grilling event.


~Take your standard recipe for garlic bread and make it and bake it. I use River Valley Ranch five cheese garlic spread. Its available at the farmers market in Lincoln Park and many Sam's liquor locations in the area. Click here for their website.

Italian Sausage Patty

~Take some Italian Sausage and remove the meat from the casing and form it into a patty. Some and most places in Chicago serve ground Italian sausage already removed from the casing which is also acceptable.

Tip: Place the patty's in the freezer for 45 minutes before grilling so that they stay in form when on the grill. You need to make sure they are well packed so they don't fall apart during cooking.

let it blaze

Mortadella, Capricolla, with two types of salami

~Grab some sliced Italian deli meats like capricolla, mortadella and a couple types of salami. When the patty's are close to done on the grill begin to saute a few pieces of each of the meats in a buttered pan until the edges are crispy and set aside.

~Layer your deli meats on the bottom portion of the bread and place the patty on top and top the patty with shredded provolone cheese and place the top half of the bread on top and wrap it in aluminum foil and put it back on the grill for 30-60 seconds until cheese melts.

Fresh out the foil

~Garnish your sandwich with the sweet peppers, banana peppers and giardinera and slice it half and be ready to eat half of it at halftime and the other half when the game is over. The nice thing about this sandwich is even if your squad loses you wont when you try it-definitely not any weight anyways.

The Boss of all Bosses-lights out bitch, Adiós goodnight now!

How it should look (this is without cheese to give you an idea)

Oh Yes! we are just getting started with the tailgating-I want everyone to check out my man Chef Ben, a real chi-cooking-king, on the Big Ten Network's "Big Ten Cookout" crew coming this football season to the Big Ten Network. I gotta feeling Mr. Ben Walanka is going to be sharing some of his tricks of the trade from the BBQ game. Stay tuned, I know I will be.

Caputo's Food Market's

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