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Fontano's Subs

-The Sammy's of Chi

The Fontano family opened their flagship store in the Taylor St./Little Italy neighborhood of Chicago back in 1960. So you had to know its time was coming over here at chibbqking. If you cant do the math they are now pushing onto there 50th anniversary which will happen in the year 2010. The Fontano family has been offering outstanding homemade Italian submarines, homemade sausage, deli foods, salads and other Italian cooking items you would find at your local neighborhood cornerstore. Around sometime after the Polk St location opened they started to franchise out. As of today they have a few Chicagoland locations including a spot in Denver. Obviously, the original is still the best. The people that work at the Polk St. location make you feel like you've been going there since 1960 whether you've been going there since 1998 or its your first visit that day. Gotta love neighborhood friendliness and when you get a sub and ice from Mario's its a world champ one-two punch.

A Taylor St. neighborhood regular

I've been getting subs from Fontano's for over a decade now and the only thing that has changed about the sandwiches is which kind I get. My first go-to sandwich over there was always a meatball. It is still is my go Sub when over there during the winter months. They also make the their own giardiniera and other bottled goods. I would say they have some of the best bottled hot peppers in the city so what remains a constant is that whatever sandwich I get-its always got hot giardiniera on it. If your a fan of big old Italian Subs than the Blockbuster is for you. Its a big daddy that features all the Italian cold cuts plus toppings and peppers and is in my steady rotation when there. During the summer months I get to Fontano's quite often and that's because they have a couple of great sandwiches for a hot summer day. If you wanna have them cater your party or deliver to your office for a party or just lunch they'll do that too.

Tuna w/ lettuce, tomato, onions & hot peppers

Sometimes in the dead of summer, you just need something cold to eat as well as drink. You know something that's almost refreshing and wont make you feel sick or need to rest up after. It just so happens that Fontano's has my two favorite cold cuts in the city-meaning they are served cold. During the summer months I always have to get both a 6" turkey and 6" tuna. Like I said theres some foods that just work well on a hot summer day and a tuna with giardiniera from Fontano's is one of those things. Its the simple things like quality meat, fresh bread and ingredients that matter in making a good sub and Fontano's achieves great success at all three.

I always enjoyed a good turkey sub every now and then but when you take the top notch smoked turkey that Fontano's uses-it takes a regular turkey sub from good to great. Not only do they have great housemade hot peppers but they use fresh Gonnella bread and highly flavored smoked turkey. Its best to let the turkey sit a little while while the oil, mayo, peppers, spices and meats all mold together into the bread making it the best turkey sub in Chicago. You would be a real wise guy to try one for yourself and see. There's a reason they have the block on lock.

Smoked Turkey with everything + hot peppers

Fontano's Subs
1058 W Polk St
Chicago, IL
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Anonymous said...

let me add that when ordering any italian sub here, make sure you specify no mayo or mustard because they have no place on an italian sub. other than that, good sandwich joint!


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