Wednesday, October 29, 2008

el gallo bravo #5

-Got Beef? taco's de carne asada

If el gallo bravo sounds familiar it probably is. They are a family owned operation with numerous locations throughout the city and they stay open 24 hours at most of them. EGB is an above average taqueria, the steak tacos and burritos are the most popular menu items. It has a steady flow of traffic and does a good business in both dine in and take out. If you choose to eat there chips and homemade salsa are are served complementary. There is a large bowl of fire roasted jalapeños and onions that is also available free of charge.

There isnt much to say about this place except it passes the taco test. The portions are always done right and the steak tacos are more than passable. This is why we are so lucky living in Chicago with all of our selection, a place like this would be a goldmine elsewhere. The Steak is finely chopped and griddled into small pieces and loaded into a tortilla. If you like your tacos done old school (onions and cilantro with some salsa is how tacos are supposed to be eaten) you have to request that here, otherwise you get lettuce, tomato etcetera. EGB might be my favorite steak taco place where they cook the steak on a flattop.

Steak taco from el gallo bravo

Rating Scale 5/5

steak: 4
cilantro/onions: 3
tortilla: 3
salsa: 3

Score: 13/20

El Gallo Bravo #5
1429 W. Montrose
Chicago, IL 60613

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