Monday, April 17, 2023

Cafe Nova

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Sri Lankan Cuisine in Rogers Park 

Chicago is one of the worlds greatest food cities but that doesn’t mean you can find it all here as far as international cuisines go. There’s still quite a few of them that you won’t find around town but Sri Lankan is no longer one of them with the opening of Cafe Nova near the Loyola University campus.

Newly Opened in Rogers Park 

They just opened so the menu is on the smaller side for now but you’ll find a few of the Sri Lankan classics like the Kothu Parotta which comes with a fiery chicken curry on the side. Kothu Parotta is chopped up flatbread that’s pan fried with eggs, vegetables, spices. It can also be called Kottu Roti in reference to the flatbread used to make the dish. I always enjoy this and I’m glad to have an option for it within city limits. There’s a few Southern Indian spots in the suburbs where you can find this dish since there’s some overlap in Sri Lankan and Southern Indian and Kerala food in particular. I also tried some Sri Lankan snacks in the form of a fish cutlet and a chicken pattie. I talked to the young owner who comes from the Southern Province of Sri Lanka as do the recipes. He’s hoping to add more Sri Lankan stuff to the menu as word gets around. Sri Lankan cuisine is relatively uncommon outside of specific areas like NYC, Toronto, and London. Actually this is just the fourth restaurant in the Midwest to identify as Sri Lankan with two being in Minneapolis and the other in Grand Rapids.

Sri Lankan food at Cafe Nova 

Cafe Nova
6431 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 675-0736


Randall Kramer said...

Antonius- I cannot believe that you "discovered" this spot- just as I became aware
of it as well.
On my return from Caribbean American Bakery this weekend for their fabulous
Jerk-Pork-Small-Dinner (avail on Weekends ONLY!)
I spotted this place on Sheridan near Loyola, and called the owner to ask
if he offered "Egg Hoppers"- a dish I learned to make from a SRI LANKAN,
Oak Park resident, in a small class I organized at her home.
The idea of a "meal-served-in-a-Bowl-That-You-Can-Also-Eat" is one that's intrigued me for years-
before Panera and their Soup offering.
Cafe Nova's owner said
he's wanting to add those and other items to his menu, but wants to wait til
he get's his Kitchen (& staff)
operating better - with great efficiencies (sounds smart to me!)

He also mentioned they offer Dosa's- a dish associated with KERALA and
South India, relatively close- to Sri Lanka.

I'm amazed by your spotting new places-
like the JMC Szechuan's Chef new spot in Richland Court's basement....
but- still pine for a "just-as-good/just-as-close" Chinese Restaurant
as the place on NORTH @ Western Avenue that closed- New China Station...
I miss their Eggrolls as well as their
other Szechuan dishes.

Keep doin' - what you do!
El- Hombre de Acero

Maria & Nabol said...

Couldn't agree more with your review. What a great spot. We became instant fans of their curries. 🙌🏽


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