Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Grateful Bites

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)
Wood Fired Pizza in Winnetka

About six months back I watched as Steve Dolinsky aka 'Hungry Hound' visited damn near every pizza shop in Chicagoland. Many of them I'd been to or heard of but a few were new to me. One of them was Grateful Bites in Winnetka. I guess they opened in the last year or two. The pie looked really good. So one day this past Spring we got in the car and rode out to the North Shore. A rarity.

Locals Favorite in Winnetka

You want the truth about the North Shore dining scene? It's one of the most boring places in the world when it comes to it's food selections. Not even exaggerating. So at first I was surprised to see a setup like this but then I remembered pizza is the one thing that can truly work anywhere. GB is a spinoff of a mobile catering unit that goes around and caters wood fired pizza at events in the area. They now offer the same pizzas at their shop. The dough is what's most raved about with a minimum 72 hour fermentation process taking place. The menu features a few classics and a few creations such as an elote pizza made with roasted corn, cotija cheese, Kewpie mayo. Intriguing but it was the sausage and giardiniera I was there for. The crust is excellent and I liked the toppings too but the giardiniera was a bit wet and thus the bottom of the pizza also was. Maybe a little less or even serving it on the side would be better. Either way those of us used to eating Italian beef shouldn't have a problem eating a slice of this. The combo of italian sausage and giardiniera always makes for a perfect pair.

Sausage with Giardiniera Pizza at Grateful Bites in Winnetka 

Grateful Bites
899 Green Bay Rd
Winnetka, IL 60093
(847) 386-9141

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