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-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

The recent story of what happened at the long gone Embeya is a frustrating one. Without getting to much into it the city lost an acclaimed restaurant while the people that put their heart and soul into it lost not just their restaurant but also some money. No one knows where the investors who fleeced the chef and his wife went but I know where said chef and his wife went. To Pilsen, to open a Vietnamese restaurant. Huh? It is what it is and by that I mean is it's one of the city's best new restaurants.

Newly opened in Pilsen

We recently got to enjoy a meal at HaiSous before a concert at Thalia Hall. Wow. It was the highlight of a night that included a great show following the meal but it was the food that I was thinking about the next day. Chef Thai Dang and his wife Danielle seem to have put their past in the past and are looking ahead to a bright future. The food and flavors of Vietnam are hot right now and people like me are booking trips to go there and experience them. In the meantime HaiSous is here to give you the flavors of one of the worlds great cuisines at the corner of 18th and Carpenter and it's delicious.

Goi Vit (Shredded Duck Salad) 

I'd never known of Goi Vit until I read about it on the menu from here but now I cant wait to seek it out when in Vietnam. I just hope it's half as good as this which I'm sure it will be. Made with shredded duck, green cabbage, banana blossom, scallion oil, and vinegar it was one of the best things I've ate of late. Moving onto a bowl of claypot mussels swimming in a coconut broth filled with toasted coconut and lemongrass was also exquisite. I found myself slurping the bowl clean.

So Nao Nuoc Dua (Mussels Cooked in Claypot)

Let me tell you about the fried rice dish that reads so simply. Simple is sometimes better. Or in the case of HaiSous' fried rice it's way better. One of the most satisfying fried rice dishes that I can remember. Nothing sexy about it just white rice fried in scallion oil to a perfect consistency. So good.

Com Chien Gion (House Fried Rice)

Last but least is the pork belly dish. The picture below doesn't quite show the sauce you're to use to dip the pork belly in but it was as addictive as it gets. The pork belly itself was cooked to a melt in your mouth consistency and the little pieces of tamarind paste were just great when spread on. After eating these four things I know there's other terrific items to choose from but I could go back and order the same things and I'd be happy to do so. Each dish a hit. Count me among it's earliest fans.

Thit Ba Chi Nuong (Pork Belly with Tamarind Glaze)

1800 S Carpenter St
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 702-1303

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