Monday, April 24, 2017

Union Squared Pizza

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I took advantage of some nice weather recently and took a trip out to Evanston. It's a place I rarely make it to these days but I've had my eye on a restaurant there for a while. That restaurant is actually a pizza parlor and to be more specific it's a Detroit Style Pizza Parlor. For those unaware Detroit has a pizza style all it's own and it's having it's moment right now. There's no doubt about it when I say it's one of the trendiest foods in the country. A good trend as far as I'm concerned. Enter Union Squared

 Detroit Style Pizza in Evanston, IL 

Union Squared is an extension of Union Pizzeria where they're specializing in Neapolitan style pizzas. The space that holds Union Squared is small however the patio is large. When we visited on a recent weekend night there were a few people there but if it was in city proper it would've been packed. They have bags aka cornhole, and some butane fueled fire places as well as plenty of tables for people to sit and eat. The menu is small with pretty much just two options of salads and pizza.

Chopped Greek Salad 

A starter of Greek Style Chopped Salad was fantastic. I'm appreciating good salads more and more nowadays and this was one I could really adore. Nothing noteworthy as far as ingredients other than the fact they were fresh and and the whole thing was made really well. But that's now why we were here. It's the Detroit style pizza I wanted to try. What's that you ask? Well first off it's a square style pizza. What makes it unique and authentically Detroit is baking the pie in a heavy metal well oiled pan. That and the fact the sauce usually goes on top. Pepperoni is the preferred choice of locals in Detroit but that's not the only way people like it. It's crust should be well caramelized and have chew.

Pepperoni Pizza at Union Squared 

So how do the folks at Union Squared do? Pretty damn good I thought. Maybe not quite up to par with some of my favorite spots in Detroit but one of the better pizzas I've had of late. I thought this was worth the $24 pricetag which might seem a bit high out of the gate but it's enough to feed 3-4 people. The sauce was well balanced and the pepperoni curled well which is what it's supposed to do. Union Squared has a second location at Revival Food Hall but I never get near there. So I had to wait for it to get nice and head out to Evanston which I thought was worth the ride. Add me to it's fans.

Close-Up of the Crust 

Union Squared Pizza
1307 Chicago Ave
Evanston, IL 60201
(224) 714-3100

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