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Summertime Shrimp Recipes

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Savor this summertime weather while you can. I know I am. With all this hot weather seafood has been my go-to in the kitchen. When I want something easy it's shrimp. There's plenty of things in life that you dont need to purchase at top shelf but shrimp isn't one of them. If you're using farm raised shrimp from Asia it's just not going to taste as good as some of the wild caught stuff. The most commonly found also being one of the best in gulf shrimp. There's also the issue of what's in the farm raised mystery shrimps so always try and buy from a trusted source. Here's three summertime recipes I like to make when i have some nice fresh shrimp in the fridge. Loose easy to follow recipes.

 Shimp BLT

Because summer is the only time to eat a BLT sandwich. they just dont taste as good in winter for many reasons including the awful tomatoes on the shelves at that time. Turn a good old fashioned BLT into a SBLT with blackened scrimps. This is always a winner.

Grapefruit Avocado Shrimp Salad Cups

This is a recipe I'm pretty sure I've posted before but since I make it every summer I'm sharing it again. It's from one of Robb Walsh's book and they're perfect for a party. Take some lettuce and make small individual cups. Put a dollop of guacamole on that and then place a grilled shrimp on top of that. Sprinkle it all with some cilantro and serve. One of my favorite snacks on the healthy side.

 Tacos Gobernador 

Anyone who ever told you cheese doesn't belong in Mexican food was grossly misinformed. There's so many different dishes, other than the usual suspects on Americanized menus. Many of them incorporating cheese in some sort of way. Tacos Gobernador are said to have been made at the request of the Governor of Sinaloa's wife. Ever since then they've been on menus everywhere from Baja Mexico to San Diego and I've even seen them in Toronto. When I make these I fry up some sliced poblano strips with onion and celery. When those are cooked but still semi crisp add the shrimp and then add a few pinches of cheese and let it all melt together. Throw it into a corn tortilla and then fry the taco on both sides in the pan you cooked the filling. I always use Maggi Seasoning as well as salt, pepper, lime etc when making these. I like to add it into the shrimp and veggie mixture for 30 seconds before adding the cheese. As with everything else, bacon works great with these.

 The inside...see ya next time @chibbqking

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