Friday, April 10, 2015

Mott Street

-Grubbing in Chicago  
New to the 'Scene'

After a good year+ on my "to get too" list I finally got over to Mott St. for dinner recently. The Asian fusion restaurant from Edward Kim of Ruxbin down the block opened up to mostly good reviews. The normal weekend diners much like myself certainly like it as it was packed around 10p on a Saturday. There were a few seats open at the bar so we just walked in and sat down. The front of the house was on point as they made sure to let it be known I could park in back which saved me tons of time searching for a spot in an area without many.

Newly Popular spot on Ashland

Our dinner would end up being a step below the service. Our bartender was great and everyone working at the place seemed to genuinely be happy that they were there. The food was hot and miss though, I hate to be critical but it just wasn't what I was hoping for. I wouldn't be opposed to going back but that would have to be with a group of people of which one of them organized a dinner there. With there being just two of us on this trip we still ordered four items but none of them have made for craves afterwards. The chicken wings were massive, not the way I like them. Too big but they were pretty good. I enjoyed the tzatziki sauce served on the side. The brussels sprouts were again, too big. I like one bit pieces not portions I have to eat with a knife and fork. The crab brain fried rice was pretty good, loved the crispy bits but thought there was a lack of funk, certain flavors were missing. Lastly the stuffed cabbage had potential but didn't meet it.  Napa kimchi stuffed with pork butt and sticky rice, pan seared sounded terrific but ended up being way too salty. Maybe it was an off night.

EVERYTHING WINGS - crispy wings glazed with soy, jaggery and dried chilis, tossed with sesame, poppy seed, fried shallots and served with tzatziki

BRUSSELS SPROUTS - wok fried with lamb pancetta and maple brown butter

CRUNCHY CRAB BRAIN FRIED RICE - crab brains, chinese sausage, coconut, bean sprouts, lime

STUFFED CABBAGE - napa kimchi stuffed with pork butt and sticky rice, pan seared

Mott St.
1401 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 687-997

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benilhalk said...

This spot on Ashland has really become popular. I really wish things here in SF are equally evolving and dynamic. This is what I love about Chicago. Over here, you don’t see new San Francisco restaurants and eating joints often which amazes me.


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