Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fish Bar

-Grubbing in Chicago 
New to the 'Scene'

I've been a on and off again eater of Fish Bar in Lakeview at the corner of Sheffield and Wellington since they opened up shop in 2011. It's a great place to have in the area and they do good business because they bring good honest food at non outrageous prices.

Popular New Stop in Lakeview

I don't have a pointless interview with the chefs about what they shop for at Lobster Supreme and didn't attend a preview party for this place when they came onto the scene. I'm just going to give a no frills endorsement that the Rhode Island Style Calamari here is my favorite set of fried tentacles the city. No matter what you get, make sure to get an order of that. Those peppers are perfect on top.

The Best aka My Favorite Calamari in the City

I've had their raw oysters a couple times but usually prefer the cooked foods, both fried and other. Keep an eye on specials board which changes based on what types of fresh fish are available. Overall this small little spot is a nice fun place to take a date and or get your seafood fix with friends. I like alot of what they bring. Most everything I've ate has been great. Including but not limited to in order from top to bottom. Rock Shrimp Sandwich, Fish n' Chips, Fried Smelt, Fried Belly Clams, Fried Shrimp, Tuna Nicoise Salad and last but not least their fried jalapeno and lemon slices. All this stuff pairs great with a good beer selection and a reasonably priced drink menu. Fish Bar, I'm a fan man.

The menu isn't huge but it's long as you like seafood

Fish Bar
2956 N Sheffield 
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 687-8177

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