Monday, May 24, 2010

Nordberg's Cajun Deli

-Grubbing in Michigan
Where the locals eat.

Its almost time for summer livin' and that means a trip here or there to Michigan. The tourist season starts with Memorial day and ends with Labor day. Between those two dates 100o's and 1000's head up to Michigan to slow down the pace and do some max relaxing. I like to do alot of eating and exploring around SW Michigan as you might remember from HERE. The Red Arrow Highway is a historic road that connects many of the towns of Harbor country and beyond. When your out and about in that area its very common to visit a few different towns a day and do different things in each one. I love cruising the highway and have done so many times. One of the eating gems along there is located in Stevensville. It's called Nordberg's Cajun Deli. I just my first Pure Michigan commercial of the season and I gotta say, that is the best ad campaign I can ever remember. Tim Allen makes me want to get up and go to Michigan every time I see or hear one.

Along the historic Red Arrow Highway

Its a small little building that sells some Cajun dishes for takeout and also boasts a deli with meats and other goodies for your summertime BBQ needs while relaxing in Harbor Country. I was very pleased with my visit to Nordberg's last summer and will for sure be back when I make it back to Michigan this year. It doesn't have the largest selection of goods out there but what they do carry gets the job done.

The menu board

We decided to go with a container of the gumbo, a container of shrimp etouffee and a few of the Cajun spiced ribeyes to grill up and I had to grab a few bags of the popular potato chip of choice in Louisiana-Zapp's.

I love me some Zapp's

I was very much pleased with what we got. I thought the etouffee was full of flavor and held its own with some of my favorite versions tasted over the years. I didn't get any pictures of the steaks but they were excellent when grilled over charcoal. I wouldn't mind a few right now.

Nordberg's shrimp etouffee

My favorite the trio was the sausage gumbo. This was phenomenal and had me wanting more as soon as it was done. I'll have to get double or triple on my next visit because having a few containers comes in real handy when you want something good and homey to eat and don't want to spend too much time making it. I was very much so pleased with my visit to Nordberg's and would encourage anyone who vacations in the area to stop in to stock up your fridge.

Sausage gumbo

Nordberg's Cajun Deli
5113 Red Arrow Highway
Stevensville, MI 49127-1072
(269) 429-1066


Tony said...

I have been meaning to stop at this place on my last few trips to Michigan but I can never seem to make it in time (they close at 6pm on Fridays according to the person I talked to). However, they do have another location at 741 Riverview Dr in Benton Harbor, MI (which appears nowhere online, which in my mind means it doesn't exist but we'll have to see about that). I have never been but it is the same menu and are open later; I'm planning on going this Monday on my way back from MI.

Tony said...

I made it to Nordbergs other location in Benton Harbor, it's actually not called Norbergs but rather Edgewater Deli - that provided some confusion in finding the place. They are open 7 days a week until 7pm. I am sitting at my cube enjoying some delicious jambalaya at the moment. I picked up a cup of gumbo and etouffee as well, which I will have for dinner tonight. This spot is really a great find. I love getting off the highway when I make my drives back to MI, this spot is definitely worth the slight detour.

AguyfromMI said...

The Cajun Deli has actually been around for quite a while. I was lucky enough to work 1/4 mile from there for a few years. The BBQ sub was an amazing lunch and the seasoned steaks are delicious when grilled properly. It is somewhat of a family tradition to grill a couple of these steaks and feed the whole group! It's been a few years since I have been back to MI, but I believe they also have a location near the corner of Niles Ave and M-139 in Scottsdale. This location is also near 2 exits from I-94 (Niles Ave and M-139 are both exits). I highly recommend this place. Just thinking of it makes me want to plan a trip back!


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