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Nottoli Italian Foods

-Chicago's Italian Grocers

Its a new year and there are new specials to come with it. Like stops to all the great family run (by multiple generations) neighborhood Italian grocery stores and delis. I am very excited to post about one of my favorite market/deli/sandwich shops in Chicago as the inaugural place in this new series. Located on Harlem ave in Norwood Park, Nottoli Italian Foods is one of Chicago's best little Italian grocery stores with some of the city's best Italian sausage and maker of some mighty fine prepared foods too. The hell with trying to come up with words to describe this places goodness. I'm going to take you on a photographic tour of this small family run Italian grocery store that's been around since the 50's.

In Chicago's Norwood Park neighborhood

Nottoli does both groceries and already made prepared foods

The Hungry Hound named Nottoli the best meatball sammy in Chi

Even though Nottoli isn't too close to my place I still get over there pretty often. Its a spot where I can pick up groceries for the fridge and pantry both perishable and non along with their excellent homemade Italian sausage as well as prepared sandwiches both hot and cold. If you need some produce to go with any Italian meal you may be cooking they should have it over there as well as most of the other ingredients your meal calls for. If your not feeling like making dinner and don't want to settle for fast food, well they have food that's homemade and heats up nice and fast. Such dinners include spaghetti, ravioli, gnocchi deli sandwiches etc...Stock your fridge up by stopping at the deli counter in back and getting fresh sliced meats for sandwiches and pastas and other specialty's of theirs.

If you don't make your own, you aint a real Chicago Italian grocer

Prepared meals for later, dried sausage and fresh cheese is available

No matter how much you need, they got bricks for sale

A favorite back in the Old Country

Fresh sliced deli meats, prepared pastas and everything else you need... some of my favorite hot Italian sausage, made fresh daily

Bottled Italian sodas and marinated everything is also packed in the two aisles

Such as marinated eggplant and artichoke hearts as well as olives

Despite being a tiny little grocer they pack the place and the shelves

On any given day you could find something made fresh in house and available to go and heated if you want it to be. I will usually by a piece of lasagna when they have it in the cooler display in back with the deli meats and sausage.

As seen above, homemade lasagna served in the deli by the lb

I could eat here 7 days a week and not have anything twice in a month

-The Sammy's of Chi

Nottoli's sandwich menu and deli meats to the far right

You'll notice most people stopping in immediately head to the back to make a sandwich order. Nottoli makes their own Italian roast beef and its available hot as an Italian beef or with their sausage as a combo and also cold by the pound and in a roast beef sub sandwich. When you place your order they will slice the meat fresh for you regardless of how your eating it. The little kitchen in the back pumps out some amazing old school family recipes including the extra hot Italian sausage available for home on the grill and in a hot sandwich to there. The man who you might commonly find staring at you while eating around Chicago food stops calls Nottoli's meatball sandwich the best in the city and its a very good one indeed and of course made with the old family meatball recipe.

Nottoli's Homemade Italian Beef in the slicer

Available hot as a sandwich or to take home and make IB's at your house

sliced fresh and extra thin upon ordering (gravy free with 1 lb purchase)

Nottoli's Homemade Hot Italian Sausage grilled in my yard

A made at home combo sandwich using Nottoli homemade beef and sausage

Nottoli's Meatball sandwich

I'm an Italian sub type of guy when it comes to my cold cut sandwiches. The folks over at Nottoli do up a might fine Italian that always comes out perfectly made and satisfyingly delicious. However the Italian roast beef is one their specialty's in my books and this is my go to spot for a cold roast beef sandwich when the hankering comes a calling. Its the same great beef used in the Italian beef sliced fresh and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone, oil and their homemade giardiniera. The family has been providing the neighborhood with their services for decades now. It has always been a popular stop for Bears fans heading down to the lake to tailgate as well as anybody looking to serve up some amazing food at their party. With conference championship week ahead and the Super Bowl coming next month Nottoli is a great place to keep in mind for any future events that you might need to pick up food and groceries for. No ones going to be pissed about the outcome of the food.

Italian Sub Sandwich

Roast Beef Sub Sandwich

The best roast beef sub in the city

Nottoli's does everything up good...check it out

Nottoli Italian Foods
5025 North Harlem Avenue
Chicago, IL 60656-3501
(773) 631-0662


Ron said...

if you likd the Harlem Aave location - try The Original Nottoli & Son 7652 W. Belmont Chicago IL, 60634 P: (773) 589-1010

KingT said...

Whats up ron, thanks for the read. Oh ya I've been there too..itll get its day soon.

Ron said...

I've tried both - and both have good and prefer the MeatBall Sandwiches at the Belmont Location

Ali V said...

Nice. I love your blog. I live in Melrose and was linked here b/c I wanted to read more about the Taste. I love your pictures, and I reposted your blog on my FB, hope you don't mind!

I work near Nottoli on Harlem and look forward to checking it out too. That's great.

Thanks for the tips, I look forward to following!


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