Friday, August 12, 2022

Captain Porky's

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)  
Roadfood in Lake County 

I typically don’t revisit spots that I’ve already posted about but this blog is more than a decade old and places change more than they stay the same so I thought today would be a good day to go back to a classic stop from the blogs early days. Back then Captain Porky’s was still housed on US 41. Back when I posted about this Lake County favorite it was an all out shack. Very similar to so many of the classic seafood stands you’ll find in the south. It was the type of spot that I sought out and still do to this day. As far as Roadfood in Illinois goes this is the type of place to be included in any guide. 

Locals Favorite in Lake County (Wadsworth)

Captain Porky’s moved to a larger spot since my last post and that’s why I thought it would be good to revisit. Space is no longer an issue as there’s plenty of seating in the new venue. Plus two large display cases showing off much of which is on the menu. One holds the wood smoked bbq while the other holds all of the days fresh seafood on offer. The smoked meats are above average but it’s the seafood, the fried shrimp specifically, that I continuously come back for. Extra large gulf shrimp come with a light and crackly batter that’s more reflective of the fried shrimp you’ll find in the Low Country than it is the stuff you’ll find in Chicago. All seafood is breaded and fried to order and they also do plates of freshly cooked fish with a Mediterranean vibe. The proprietor comes from Greece where he has a farm and makes an olive oil which they use on their Greek salad which is the perfect pairing with these end of summer days when tomatoes are peaking. There's many reasons to like this spot that makes for the perfect stop pre or post visit to Illinois Beach State Park just 15 mins east in Zion.

Fried Shrimp and Greek Salad at Captain Porky's 

Captain Porky's
38995 N, US Hwy 41
Wadsworth, IL 60083 
(847) 360-7460

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