Friday, September 3, 2021

En Passant

-Grubbing in Chicago  
New to the 'Scene'

I’ve been wanting to try the newest addition to a stretch of Diversey in Logan Square / Avondale quickly becoming its own restaurant row. There’s some critically acclaimed restaurants found over there and En Passant is the newest of a growing bunch. It opened in July after a year long delay.

Newly Opened in Avondale 

It’s a cozy spot from a restaurant vet who comes from Au Cheval amongst other places. It’s got a little European bistro feel going for it and the menu is intriguing (it changes gradually). I'd describe it as having a bit of influence from both Au Chevel and local Euro bistros. For starters we had an interesting order of crudo made with escolar and a platter of their chicken liver mousse served with an orange marmalade and sourdough. Both were pretty good but I cant quite remember exactly what was on the crudo save for some hoisin sauce (it's since been switched up). For an entree she decided on a fresh blueberry salad as this was the middle of blueberry season when we were visiting.

Crudo Escolar

Chicken Liver Mousse at En Passant

Blueberry Salad (baby lettuces, candied walnuts, feta, blueberry vinaigrette)

I didn’t go in expecting to get the burger but I’ve been on a bit of a burger binge and this one sounded pretty damn good. Plus I remember reading something that the chef from here had a hand in the making of the now famous Au Cheval burger. While that's not my favorite burger in town it is a hit and this one sounded like it could be even better by my estimates. It’s called the super smash and it’s a double fresh smashed patty with balsamic onion jam, Marie Rose sauce, brioche bun. Add American cheese if you please and why wouldn’t you? This was a gourmet burger in a way that could be described as fashionable but not over the top. Nothing fancy but not exactly traditional. It was dressed up just enough to not hide what makes a smashed burger so great in the first place. This one gets a yes from me as far as being worth it ($13 with cheese). You should probably add a side of Kennebec fries aka roasties which are worth getting even if you’re not having the burger. They remind me of the chunky puppies at Animale (RIP) which were a favorite. BYOB for the time being but you’ll likely need a reservation due to supply and demand issues. There's potential for a great neighborhood place.

Roasties at En Passant

Super Smash Burger at En Passant

En Passant
3010 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 799-8296

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