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Forno Rosso Pizzeria

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Neapolitan Pizza on the NW Side

Sometimes I forget about what's been posted on and what hasn't. I recently realized one of my favorite spots for wood fired pizza slipped through the holes. A friend had asked for a place to eat up on Harlem and Forno Rosso was a no-brainer. As I went to google to link up to what I thought was my post on Forno Rosso there was nothing to be found. Well better late than never, and with their opening on Randolph last past year they certainly have gotten plenty of time in the sunshine.

Locals Favorite in the Dunning Neighborhood

Because of it's location(s) I dont get to Forno Rosso as often as I'd like but I count it amongst my favorite pizza places in the city. Though truth be told I probably don't eat as much pizza as you do. Still Forno Rosso is one of the spots I really enjoy pizza from. Aside from salads when the weather is warm I rarely order anything other than the fried calamari for starters and pizza for an entree. Their calamari includes tentacles which is a must for me. I also enjoy the extremely light breading.

Calamari at Forno Rosso 

The wood fired pizza is what people rave about here and I'm included in that group of people. The owner of Forno Rosso spent six months in Naples where he studied at a school for pizzaiolos. After getting real comfortable with Neapolitan pizza he returned to Chicago and opened Forno Rosso. In those six months he must've hit the book hard bc I still think this place makes the best crust of all the wood fired spots in town. On top of that the ingredients used are all top notch. Some stuff like the tomatoes come from Italy but other toppings like the sausage come from the nearby Joseph's Finest Meats. I haven't been to the Randolph street location but assume they do it right over there as well.

Barese: Sausage, Italian Burrata, Rapini 

Forno Rosso Pizzeria
3719 N Harlem Ave
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 295-5697

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Frank Fahey said...

The arancini is the best I have had in town. Thanks for the heads up on Joseph's.


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