Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chicago Halal

-Grubbing in Chicago  
College Kids Food

I'm always down for a good rec. Key word being good. Maybe I should've known that a young college student wasn't the type of person to trust when it comes to good taste but you live with your mistakes. While talking food at a festival this summer an employee rec'd Chicago Halal on Lincoln avenue to me. I'm in the neighborhood damn near daily so it was only a matter of time until I tried what he called his favorite plate of food. It looked alright when I stopped in so I proceeded to order.

 College Kids Favorite in Lincoln Park

Apparently this place is open real late. I'm guessing it does good business with the bar crowds as it's on a strip on Lincoln still hanging on as far as it being a weekend destination even if it's just one for local college kids. I order the combo (chicken and gyros) with their signature spicy rice. As soon as I open the package I realize this place is a copycat of one of my least favorite places in the food world. Chicago Halal has taken the Halal Guys' business concept and ran with it. You may remember my Halal Guys review and if not well lets just say it didn't make the year end 'best of...' list. Oh well next time I know better than take recs from those who consider Subway a good way of filling up quickly.

Combo Platter at Chicago Halal 

Chicago Halal
2233 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 6061
(773) 935-5222

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afoote said...

I was a little hungry driving in Milwaukee one night and I usually like any middle eastern place and stopped at Halal Guys close to U of W Milwaukee. I had no idea it was a chain. It was just beyond terrible. I guess we're just spoiled in Chicagoland with Naf Naf in the Middle eastern fast casual category.


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