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Ivy's Burgers Hot Dogs & Fries

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

When it comes to pizza New York City might have a reason for debate but when it comes to hot dogs there is none necessary. Chicago has so many great stands that some get lost in the shuffle. Spots like Ivy's in Edgebrook. Then again the sleepy neighborhood on the Northwest side of the city is relatively unknown to most Chicago transplants. The concentration of instagrammers is much less in these parts than areas like West Randolph and Wicker Park. All that said there's no neighborhood in the city that doesn't love and support a good local hot dog stand and the residents of the area have made Ivy's their spot for a quick Chicago style fast food fix. 

Locals favorite in Edgebrook 

With so many hot dogs stands in the city it can be important to stand out in one way or the other. Ivy's doesn't just stand out, it jumps out. The inside is bigger than most hot dog stands and little things like a rack of different infused salts help give it some uniqueness. My guy Mike at 'Sky Full of Bacon' did a little piece on Ivy's you should check out HERE. In summary, owner Tony Tzoubris comes from a Greek family with multi-generational restaurant experience and he's bringing it to Ivy's.

a peek inside

In the linked article the topic of pricing is discussed and it's true that Ivy's will cost you a couple bucks more than the usual Chicago style hot dog stand. The product here gets a little more care. Take for example the hot dogs. Sure they have a great example of a Chicago style version but what sets them apart is the International options. Creations like the Japanese Dog which is made by slathering an all beef wiener with teriyaki sauce, the dog gets topped with seaweed salad, a wasabi sauce and some ginger on top. When I first read about this I didn't think much of it but after trying one I think it's one of the best non-traditional hot dogs you'll find in Chicago.

The Japanese Dog

The international hot dogs are all solid options as I learned when I was finally able to stray away from the Japanese offering. The Danish is made with the same Eisenberg Wiener and gets topped with brown mustard, crispy fried onions, and pickles. Simple but succulent.

Danish Hot Dog 

The attention to detail spreads far and wide on the menu. The fries are handcut and twice fried resulting in one of the better batches in the city. For those of us that love Merkt's cheddar they got it.

Fresh Cut Fries

The burgers are every bit as good as the dogs and fries. The Greek offering is the best example of this style I've tried. The beef is supplied fresh from a local Midwest farm and gets cooked over a charcoal grill resulting in the char flavors many Chicago stands have adopted as their own style when it comes to making a burger. I'm a big fan of feta cheese paired with juicy charred beef and the Greek Burger at Ivy's will help you understand why. The combo of the two paired with diced Greek olives, tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce is straight cash homie aka money. Ivy's helps prove Chicago's wealth of mom and pop type fast food stands is both a gift and a curse, for obvious reasons. See ya next time.

Greek Burger at Ivy's 

Ivy's Burgers Hot Dogs & Fries
5419 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 775-2545

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