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Harbor Country Backyard Burger

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Summer is pretty much all but over and with it goes the wonderful bounty of locally grown foods available to us in the Midwest. So go out and get some putting it to use before its too late. I have another great burger that I randomly whipped up for me and some friends a couple weekends back in Michigan City. I call this one the 'Harbor Country Backyard Burger' because everything used to make it was bought up around that way. A great "locally sourced" burger so to say.

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The sources for this creation

The meat is from Lange's in Michigan City. It's a freshly ground, fantastic blend. I'll share more on this great place in a future post but their website is HERE. I mentioned P&E Mullins Local in New Buffalo in this post HERE. It's a really great place and I got my hands on some of their hard to get bacon jam (Limit one per customer available Sundays only). I used that with cheddar "tub cheese" from Drier's seen HERE as well as locally grown tomatoes and onions bought alongside the road.

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What you'll need (+ sliced deli pickles and buns)

I started out by hand forming the patties into nice equal sized creations. Follow that by adding a little salt, pepper and granulated garlic to each patty and set them in fridge until needed. Slice up some onions and put them in the pan with some butter and let those saute away. Cook the burgers to desired doneness and make sure to toast the buns so that everything is ready around the same time.

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Getting ready to go

Add the bacon jam to the top of each bun and place the burger on the bottom. Put the grilled onions on top of the beef followed by some slightly melted tub cheese. Serve with sliced tomato and sliced deli pickles. This was a fantastic fancy rendition of a Wieners Circle char grilled cheddar burger. The bacon jam was very tasty and when I mentioned to them my plans for it they said they had never thought of using it on a burger. Usually they eat it with toast they said but I've seen and eaten it on burgers at places like Three Aces. The melted tub cheese which is very similar to Merkt's and grilled onions always go well together and 'tis the season for fresh tomatoes so this one was a dandy. As good as any burger out there if I may say.

One of my best yet

Heirloom Tomato season is also in full swing and even though farms like Harvest Moon in Viroqua, WI were hit hard by a drought this summer, the tomatoes boomed. As Bob from there explained to me they love the heat so while they took a hard hit on the other veggies they grow at Harvest Moon, the heirloom tomatoes came out great. I got a big old box and ate with them for a couple days straight. So good they make pretty much everything better especially BLT's. You can find Harvest Moon's tomatoes at many stores in Chicagoland so be on the lookout while they last.

Harvest Moon Farms Heirloom Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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