Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hoagie Hut

-The Sammy's of Chi

While the exact definition of a slider can vary depending on where you're at, I did find a pretty good example at what I believe to be the only Hoagie Hut left in Chicagoland. It seems as though this location in Waukegan took over for an old fast food place whenever it opened. They still use the drive thru if you dont feel like getting out around there.

An old Northshore favorite located upshore

The old Hoagie Hut in Highwood which was around for a while before shutting down was once a favorite of anyone who lived up North. At one time they also had a location in Lincoln Park which I really liked now and then when I got the hankering for a cheesesteak hoagie in the wee hours before heading home after making the rounds around town. I stopped into this location when I rode by after filling up on gas en route back into the city. They mentioned they now serve "sliders" and at a dollar and change for one with cheese I decided to try.

Mini cheeseburger/Slider

These weren't bad at all. They were made more so in the style of Powers in Fort Wayne Indiana Linkbut I wouldn't put these on their level. Despite the fact they do take a fresh ball of ground beef and put the onions on top before flattening it into a mini patty something was missing from these. Nonetheless still very good and way better than any burger from most every fast food chain around town and cheaper too. The Chicago style cheesesteak hoagie was as good as I remember them to be and I wasn't even drinking. Seemed to me like they made it the same way as back in the day. If they were anywhere near me I'd of been back for a few of them by now.

Cheese Steak Hoagie

Hoagie Hut
2807 Grand Avenue
Waukegan, IL 60085
(847) 249-8300

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