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Zweig's Grill

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The Burgers of Wisconsin

Welcome back to the 'Midwest Burger Crawl'. Since the burgers of Wisconsin are something we do so well here, today we decided to stay in state and visit Zwieg's in Watertown. I grew up in the city but love visiting small town America. Especially in Wisconsin which seems to have so many of them all with a main street that includes an old theater, diner, tavern, ice cream spot, butcher/bakery, barber shop, Drug store, painted murals on the old buildings and so on. I've seen alot of these Main streets in the state and Watertown's is one of the best. It was pretty alive with cars and people walking along with all the regular things that a Main street in Wisco has.

Mullen's Dairy Bar is classic Americana

Well if you ever make it thru the area or are near here (not far from Johnson Creek Outlet Mall and right off I-94) I would recommend doing as follows. Mullen's Dairy Bar seen in the pic above is Located on Main street and its vintage Wisconsin. They make their own ice cream and have all the old school equipment a parlor should have. It reminded me of Mickie's Dairy Bar in Madison but instead of the food its known for its ice cream concoctions. I saw some great things on the menu including a sherbet drink made with phosphate water but had to go with a chocolate malt on my first visit. Boy am I glad I did and would highly recommend you do the same. Get it to go and then head down Main street towards Zwieg's.

Watertown, WI

I read about Zwieg's in Hamburger America and it's been on my radar since then. Just another old ass place serving the same burgers the same way just like back in the day. Gotta love it. It felt like half diner and half supper club inside of there. It's been around in this location for over half a century and its a nice site when rolling up on it down Main street. We parked the car and went in to place an order. The menu had the usual suspects on a diner for breakfast like omelets and American fries and bacon and eggs and some of the usual's on a Supper club menu like broasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and a Friday fish fry. Pure Wisconsin.

Image Image
Article about switching the grill after 50+ years...I love the clock

We were there for the double cheeseburgers (which I've come to taste are best in Wisconsin) with fried onions, pickles and mustard. We also got an order of fries which were frozen crinkle cut and thus 'eh. As like everywhere else the service was charming and the burger expertly prepared. Meat patties were preformed but were fresh and the taste of this one was right up there with the rest in the Jefferson county area, one of the best hot spots in a state with so many. Paired with that malt from Mullen's its one helluva lunch. Happy Hamburger Month.

Double Cheeseburger from Zwieg's

Zwieg's Grill
904 E Main St
Watertown, WI 53094
(920) 261-1922

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Anonymous said...

I've been gone from H2Otown for nearly 30 years now, but I can't stop in Watertown without a visit to Zwieg's Grill. Fried onions and brown mustard make the burgers extra special. Broasted chicken and their fish fry take out are awesome. Mmmm.


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