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Burger de Mayo

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

I don't need Cinco de Mayo as a reason to eat my favorite type of cuisine and drink tequila but I must admit, whenever it comes around, that's all I wanna do as far as food and drink. Maybe its all the articles online, in magazines/newspapers and shows on TV etc... For some reason these media outlets think the beginning of May is the only time people want to eat tacos. Well I was at Tony's Foods on Elston yesterday with plans to make something Mexican for dinner since that's what I was feeling like. So I decided to improv my own little Cinco de Mayo/National Hamburger Month creation as I shopped. This is the result.

A Burger with some Mexican Flair Good for all Months of the Year

Image Image
Bolillo Rolls and fresh ground sirloin from the butcher counter

What Else You'll Need

- Chorizo of your choice (pork or beef)
- Mexican Crema
- Guacamole
- Pickled Red Onions (I used this recipe)
- Refried Beans
- Queso Rancherito (crumbling cheese)
- Cilantro & Limes


I used an old martini mixer to form the fresh ground sirloin into patties for the grill. The pickled red onions are best made ahead or at the very least a few hours before so take note of that. Other than that the guacamole was Tony's fresh made stuff and the refried beans I bought on the way home. I amped up the crema by adding some fresh chopped cilantro, lime and chili powder and cooked the chorizo in a skillet with chopped onions and jalapenos and set aside. After all that you can pop the buns in the oven and warm them up while grilling the burgers. Once ready start by layering the bottom part of each bun with the crema followed by some guacamole and then the pickled red onions. Place some of the hot refried beans on the top part of the bun and then shred some of the rancherito on top of that so it melts.

Assembled Buns

Once ready for the meat, place the burger patty on the bottom bun and then add the chorizo to the top part and pat it into the refried beans so it all holds together.

My own Mexican inspired Burger Creation

Serve it with whatever you want alongside it and drink anything you want while you eat it. Just don't forget to wear a bib.

Happy Grilling Y'all!

Bonus Recipe!

Hard Shell Hamburger Tacos

I came across a thing on SE about a place in LA that serves hard shell ground beef tacos with pickles mixed in and I was surprised I hadn't thought of that myself. So instead I took it a step further and decided to whip up some hard shell tacos with the characteristics of a hamburger. They're real easy and tasty too if I may say. These are very easy as long as you've ever made "white people tacos" before. All I mean by that is your usual ground beef mixed with spices and maybe some chopped onions and jalapenos addd into the mix which is what I do when I make it.


- Ground Beef
- Taco Seasoning (Optional)
- Corn Tortillas
- Deli Pickles (diced up)
- Lettuce, Tomato, Onion (diced up)
- Shredded Cheddar
- Taco Sauce
- Mustard
- Veggie Oil


In this case the taco sauce replaces the ketchup on a burger so you mix that in once the ground beef is browned, season it and add in some yellow mustard to the mixture. Let it cool down a little and then add the diced deli pickles and make sure to be generous. Take the mixture and place it in a corn tortilla which you can then fry on each side until done. Add lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese and you got a hard shell hamburger.

Hard Shell Hamburger Taco

See ya next time @chibbqking

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