Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Party Trailer at Super Bowl 46

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin'

So anyone here in Chicago planning on taking the ride down to Indy during Super Bowl Week? What's that you say? You don't have tickets, nowhere to park, no hotel to stay? Hey, Hey, you got me and I got a deal for you. If you ever wanted to experience just the atmosphere and surroundings of what's always one of the biggest weekend events our country has, look no further. Tailgate Charters and The Party Trailer will pick you up in Chicagoland. Drive you down to Indianapolis where you'll get to party in the parking lot (1 mile from stadium) and eat and drink all day until you think you have a shot at sneaking into the Playboy Party. Then after all that, they'll drive your drunk ass back. Who dat you ask? Have you ever wished you could party for a living? Meet the Guy you envy. from Renovation Studios on Vimeo.

Looks dope huh? You can bet whatever you plan on putting on the Pat's or Giants that it is. We've been to Indianapolis twice now leading up to the Super Bowl and I gotta say it's a fun place. That little pelican wasn't lying when he said "there's more than corn in Indiana" Especially the weekend of Super Bowl 46. Its going to be three days of madness with all sorts of special guests including the folks at Coast 2 Coast Cuisine. Come for each day or stop by on one of them, it doesn't matter, the only thing we care about is that your Super Bowl weekend is a memorable one. Please note, it will be if your partying with the Party Trailer.

Click flyer to enhance for exact details or go HERE

I've done an entire week down at the Super Bowl and anyone else who has knows its a madhouse. Many places are rented out for VIP parties while others have lines down the block and some charge upwards of $500 just to get in. Good luck getting a drink or two when you do. So why waste your time with all that? We'll be living it up large in the parking lot while consuming all the food and drink you can with all sorts of other special events planned and games to play along with people to meet. You never know who might stop by. As far as the food, were not talking frozen beef puck patties and Oscar Meyer wieners. You'll be chowing down on pulled pork, brisket, Championship Chili, sausage from both Chicago and places far away like Texas etc

Cruisin' to Detroit

To give you an idea, some food served alongside the Party Trailer this past Summer/Fall

You hungry yet?

Rock on! Questions? Concerns? Email the Party People

See ya there? If not see ya next time @chibbqking


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