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Honey 1 BBQ

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

Happy New Year and cheers to a spectacular 2012. Year number five promises to be a chowing adventure of biblical proportions here at S'C'&C. I cant believe the eating hasn't stopped since Sept. of 2008. In fact there's longtime favorites that I still haven't posted about and places I went to a few years ago that still haven't made there appearance on here. When I first started using the internet and LTHforum as a tool to find the best most locally loved food stops I had never been to, Honey 1 BBQ was one of the first places I tried out.

a locals favorite on Western just south of Fullerton

Honey 1 has long been a favorite of Chicago BBQ aficionado/extraordinaire Gary Wiviott aka Da Wiv. It was his love for Robert Adams (proprietor) smoked pork that put Honey 1 in my rotation. It's nice to have a real deal no frills wood smoked BBQ joint on the Northside and I know there's plenty of regular customers who agree with that. The ribs are very good here but my go to order is always the tips/links combo. Great gameday eats and perfect to bring to a party. Honey 1 will set you up with whatever amount you need.

Bucket of Rib Tips

It's only fitting that I quote G Wiv since he described it best over on LTH. "Robert Adams is a man in tune with his BBQ pit...The perfect marriage of wood smoke and pork with just the right amount of chew, toothsome but never tough, moist, flavorful meat" Mr. Adams and his son use a real Chicago style aquarium smoker and when you catch them at the perfect time this is some of the best BBQ the city offers. The hot links have the perfect amount of smokiness, nicely grounded with some crunch on the outside. If Gary's description didn't get you hungry for some BBQ then you just don't have the love for it others do. So there's nothing more I can say except check them out.

Rib Tips & Hot Links Combo

Honey 1 BBQ
2241 N Western ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 227-5130

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