Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wings Around the World

-KingT's Wing Fling

Hello loyal readers, welcome back! Sorry for the delay but you needn't worry, I was out of town eating at more great spots to share with y'all here. In the meantime, football season is here baby! I've been waiting to post about today's place up until the season began so with that we head to the southside, South shore neighborhood to sample some of the city's best wings. Make that some of the countries best. Wings Around the World puts BW-3's in it's place, in the garbage bin.

Located on 75th street in Chicago's Grand Crossing neighborhood

WATW is a small tiny little storefront that puts out some huge flavor. There are no tables so I usually enjoy my wings on the hood of my car. NO! it is not unsafe to do so. The neighborhood is fine and never has there been a problem. The owner is also a great guy who puts out some mean wings. In fact there are near or over 40 different selections for you to choose all categorized by country of flavor. From China to Jamaica and all stops in between they got you covered.

The menu along the wall

I'll be the first to admit I am nowhere near having gone thru all the flavors but the ones I have tried I quite enjoyed. My first visit ever was without a camera but we all really enjoyed the lemon pepper from the American section. Unique flavor profile made these wings ones that you remember and I still do. My favorites are from the US portion and of course the Jamaican. They make quite a few variations of jerk sauce and do a nice job at that. The wings are nice sized and cooked to perfection. Sauces are all homemade.

Jerked wings

If you find yourself in need of some chicken wing trays this football season I'm going to suggest, fuck that, tell you that WATW is the best spot for you, even if your on the northside. You see, wings are all they do so they do them well. It's that old restaurant saying "you pick one thing, and you do it well" and then your spot should do the same. They don't mess around here and the people of the neighborhood support them because they do it right. If good old Buffalo style is your preferred choice well your fine on that since they do some of the best Buffalo wings anywhere near Chicago and if they were located in Buffalo, there too. Check them out will ya.

Buffalo Wings fresh from the fryer

Wings Around the World
510 East 75th Street
Chicago, IL 60619
(773) 483-9120

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