Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jamaican Cuisine

Caribbean in Chicago (land)

So far this summer we've been back and forth, along with up and down and in and out of the state and Chicago. I said it would be travel packed and so for the next spot we visit we'll head to a place along the Lake Michigan Circle Tour route that you may pass on the way to Wisconsin if you choose to take the circle tour route to the state. Today we head North from Chicago up the Lake and along Sheridan road to a place past the Northshore located in North Chicago which is right before Waukegan. You can tell when driving by this building that now houses a place called "Jamaican Cuisine" that it used to be an old fast food outlet such as Taco Bell or KFC. Lucky for the people of the area they now have this place.

North Chicago, IL along Sheridan Rd.

I cant say exactly how long Jamaican Cuisine has been open but its been over a year. I had seen it passing by several times before I finally got to try it and then one day when I was with my friend who also likes himself some Jamaican grub we passed by and it was open and we decided to stop in and see whats up. Owned by a local family most of the food if not all of it is homemade and we placed our order up at the counter and then had a seat and the nice lady working said she would be right out with the drinks (Ting of course) and our food would follow shortly thereafter. Unfortunately they were out of beef patties so we didn't get to try any of those but we went with a jerk chicken dinner and also a curried goat plate. The chicken arrived first and we dove right in and I almost forgot to snap one and only remembered to do so after it was halfway eaten.

Jerk chicken with rice and peas

The chicken was cooked really well but had no smoke flavor to it leading me to believe it was probably baked. As far as homestyle (made in an oven) jerk chicken goes, it was very nice. The crispy pieces of skin were covering moist layers of meat and we were supplied with a cup of housemade jerk sauce for dipping. Shortly after we devoured the chicken the curried goat came out and brought with it a wonderful aroma into the air. I imagine if I was from a Jamaican family this is how Sunday dinners would of been. The goat meat was chopped up with bones and all and braised all day with other goodies in the pot including onions, carrots and potato's. It was without a doubt homestyle and this was a very good thing. If your ever passing on by stop on in and say what's up. This is a nice place in the area and some good island eatin'.

Curried Goat

Jamaican Cuisine
1536 Sheridan Road
North Chicago, IL 60064
(847) 672-4893

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