Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arturo's Tacos

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

Summertime in the Chi means many of things and has multiple traditions. One of those is ending a long night out at the bars with some tacos and other Mexican food munchies in a city loaded with them. One of my favorite bars in the city is the Map Room and when an evening comes to end when I'm there I'll usually mosey on down to Arturo's on Western at the corner of Armitage. It's a popular place with all types of people and that's because they are open 24 hours and have an extensive menu. Although I will admit I have never been here when it was light outside.

Corner of Western and Armitage in Chicago

I have no legit excuse but I have not been to the Map Room and or Arturo's in a while, in fact the last time I was at either it was cold outside and when we paid Arturo's a visit in between double stops at the Map Room there was none other than (then suspended) NBA PG Gilbert Arenas who was working out in Chicago and is a big fan of Arturo's. Well you count me in as a big fan of Arturo's, and Derrick Rose, as well. I love the Map Room in the fall/winter months and look forward to my return to Arturo's which goes hand in hand with the Map when that times comes around. My order never changes from here and I always get the tacos al pastor which will usually come fresh cut from a spit. On my last visit I tried one of Rico's tamales they were plugging on the front door.

As you enter...

a fresh al pastor spit behind the counter is always good news

As my regular readers know I love some legit al pastor and Arturo's does a nice job with the popular Mexico City snack. Just like any other place its best to get these tacos al pastor on a not so busy night so that the pieces carved off are crispy and charred. As far as the Bucktown 'hood goes this is as good as your going to find and its as good as your going to get after 2a in the city as far as I know. I always go with 3 tacos al pastor and a horchata and wasn't a big fan of the tamale when I tried it so I will continue to go with that. Good stuff for some late nite eats.

Rico's Tamale

Arturo's Taco Al Pastor

Arturo's Tacos
2001 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 772-4944

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