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T's Tap

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi

Today we head south along Lake Michigan towards Indiana and also the state of Michigan. The Eastside of Chicago and the Hegeswisch neighborhood is a place we've been to before here on S'C'&C but never before to a local tavern, specifically-T's Tap- located at 98th and Ewing right along route 41 and the Lake Michigan circle tour. I've passed T's countless times over the years and was always intrigued by the "homemade sandwiches" text on the sign. Since T is also one of my nicknames, I always said I'd stop into my place one day. That along with the fact its an old school corner bar, in what I believe to be the only neighborhood in the city to see very little change these past couple decades, made it time to visit and so I did last January.

a popular Eastside Chicago hangout

When you scope out T's from the outside, it doesn't tell you much, just a bar in the bottom floor of another old brick building located at the corner of 98th & Ewing. But upon entry you step into a little bit of a time warp. My friend with me commented on how much he felt like he was in St. Louis as we sat down at the bar to get some drinks. It was a Saturday afternoon and the bar had a bunch of regulars sitting at it from ages 25-65 and there was also a bachelorette party with quite a few girls getting rowdy around 4p to Kid Rock's "all summer long". To give it some more of that old school tavern feel they also serve free popcorn in an old popcorn making machine and they have all your lotto needs covered from scratch cards to the big game, you can play it all inside here while you have a drink or five.

a little video peak into the tap

I very much enjoyed my visit to T's. Even though we weren't recognized by anyone in there the bachlorette party and bartenders were really friendly and couldn't believe I came there from Lincoln Park. At some point in time, T's was ranked one of the Top 15 bars in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune. After one visit I am ready to agree with this call. Chicago doesn't have too many places left like this anymore.

Front of the menu (click pic to enhance)

Aside from cheap drinks you will also find a menu filled with food of the greasy variety. They have a deep fryer and a grill in the front and the menu consists of the typical things you would throw in a fryer along with fresh grilled burgers, pork chop sammy's, Italian beef etc...We went with both a burger and a Patty melt (1st thing listed on the menu) along with an order of chicken wings. T's also has a specialty drink called the Pink thing and plenty of other thirst quenchers.

T's Tap fried chicken wings

Not bad at all for a small little neighborhood shack. The patty melt, although we got it with American cheese, was awesome. I got a patty melt for the 1st time in a while at Top Notch a few months back and forgot how much I like them. The patty melt at T's was damn good and when you consider the monster 1/2 pound melt is only $4.25, its a bargain. The burger was also good and both sandwiches were made by the potent yet excellent batch of grilled onions served on them. We also got an order of wings which were decent. They came fried nicely and they give you a huge bottle of sauce to douse them on your own with. If you go and are tempted by the pizza, don't be, its just Tombstone.

T's Tap Cheeseburger

T's Tap Patty Melt

I loved my first visit to T's and plan on heading back there this summer as I scoot back and forth between Chicago and Indiana/Michigan. If your ever taking the lake up or back and become hungry and want to catch a game on the tv, stop on by at T's, they'll treat ya like you been a regular for 30+ years.

a fine version indeed

T's Tap
9801 South Ewing Avenue
Chicago, IL 60617-5564
(773) 221-3111

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Anonymous said...

Love going to my neighborhood hang out. Bob the daily bartender makes fantastic, and I mean really fantastic long islands! Oh my! the wings are great as well. If you ever go tell them Munch sent ya!


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