Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Ed's BBQ

-Grubbing in Chicago (land)
Where Da Bears eat.

So far this month we've been back and forth, along with up and down and in and out of the state. I said it would be travel packed and so for the next two spots we visit we'll head to places along the Lake Michigan Circle Tour route that you may pass on the way to Wisconsin or Michigan if you choose to take that route to those states. Today we head North along the Lake up along Sheridan road to a place past the Northshore located in North Chicago. When you hot Martin Luther King Jr Drive the only way you can turn is left if coming from Chicago and your going to want to do that because it'll bring ya to Big Ed's.

North Chicago, IL

Big Ed's has been around for a few years now and anyone who's driven by has surely smelled the smoke. Ed's is an all in the family type spot and its run by none other than Ed who is helped out by his wife and kids. A former service veteran, Ed was discharged after an injury and began work in corporate America and then began to start a small catering company after attending Kendall Culinary College. As time went by Ed started to cater full time and had a wide range of regular clients including many of Da Bears who live up North close to the team facility's. As his legend grew so did the need for his 'que and eventually Ed opened up Big Ed's where it stays today and is the home to "great BBQ and then some" which is a true story. Ed uses hickory wood in his Chicago style aquarium smoker and is always on duty making sure there's great BBQ to be had in Lake County. But so the saying goes, there's alot more here too. I like messing around with the tips and link combo like I do at all BBQ spots I love.

Rib Tips & Hot Link Combo

Ed and his wife are some of the best hosts you can have at any restaurant from fast food to fine dining. You can know that your going to be taken care of and anything you need within reason will not be a problem. Ed is devoted to his craft and puts TLC into each and every piece of meat that goes into his smoker. Having grown up on the southside Ed learned to smoke using an Aquarium at an early age and that you can tell when you get that first bite of bark from a rib tip. Almost everything on the menu here is made from scratch and this includes the hot links which go great with his bbq sauce. Its not just BBQ on the menu, this place has something for everyone and this includes burgers, sandwiches and fried fish and chicken. I'm still making my way thru other items but I cant wait to get back, everything I've had on my visits has been stellar.

Chicken Wings

On one visit in which I was coming back from the outlet malls I had a craving for chicken wings, specifically fried and I stopped at Ed's to help kill the want and it worked wonders. The wings came out perfectly fried and the selection of hot and bbq sauce was wonderful. It's been a couple months since I've had the pleasure of stopping on in for some of Ed and his family's fantastic food paired with wonderful hospitality but the time is coming since this post reminded me I have some things I have yet to try. I didn't snap any pictures of the sides but the mac and cheese and collard greens are must gets for me on every visit. I very much look forward to my next one.

Perfect bark on the rib tips

Big Ed's BBQ
2501 MLK Jr Drive
North Chicago, IL 60064
(847) 578-1901

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