Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thirsty Perch

-Grubbing in Michigan
Where the FIB's eat.

Pure Michigan is where we head on this trip. Not too long ago I got back up to South Haven in SW Michigan's Harbor Country and had a great meal which has happened before (click HERE for a previous post on the area). I usually spend a nice amount of time in the area during August so I have a few spots on my radar and The Thirsty Perch has been one of them for a while now, so I scoped it out on my most recent visit to the area. Its a spot not too far from the beach and is there for the influx of tourists that flood the area over summer.

South Haven, MI

We went on a weekend day around 5p and there was a nice crowd in the restaurant just as there was on the streets and beaches. Its the peak season for SW Michigan and its towns along the lake. I might of said this in my last post too, the area has basically become Chicago's version of Cape Cod or the Hamptons with beautiful estates, lots of shopping and golfing and of course plenty of bars and restaurants. We chose to sit at the bar which is my preference when visiting a bar while on vacation or at home in Chicago. It allows you to learn more about the area and meet locals and regulars. The inside of the place is really nice and casual, well sized and has a great feel of summertime when you stop in. Like any good summertime beach area bar they have a happy hour and serve some fine local microbrews on tap and in bottle. I browsed the menu to see what else was on it but the reason we where here was all in the name. The Thirsty Perch uses the best fishmongers in the area for fresh Michigan perch delivered to the kitchen daily. I spied they had fresh iced oysters on the half shell at $2/each and since it was so hot I had to order a few.

The High Life

I was impressed with the menu at Thirsty Perch and really liked how they offered their fresh caught perch both beer battered and pan fried. Aside from the namesake they had some nice looking salads all made with fresh local farmers products and I spied a nice looking burger that passed me in the hands of a waitress. The use of fresh local ingredients and my love for legit fish sandwiches made me go for a perch sandwich which came with fresh cut fries and I also opted for a couple side orders of fresh fried perch to go with that.

Perch Sandwich

I've always been a big fish fan and an even bigger freshly fried fish fan and perch has always been one of my favorites. I'm happy to say that the Thirsty Perch met my expectations for the two of them and I quite enjoyed the meal. It wasn't the cheapest batch of fresh perch out there but it was nicely done and I will be back and hope I can be so sooner than later because now after posting these pics on here, I really want some fried perch.

beer battered fresh perch

Thirsty Perch
272 Broadway Street
South Haven, MI 49090-1483
(269) 639-8000

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Ben said...

My mom is from Grand Haven a little bit up the road, and I grew up hearing all about the FIBs. GH is another nice little town, I'm sure you've heard of the pizza joint Fricano's. Good tavern-style if you make it that far. I don't really remember much else about eating up there, most of the time we ate grandma's cooking.


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