Friday, June 11, 2010

West Bay Diner (Grand Marais, MI)

Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties

-The Diners of America ft Grand Marais, MI

This is an excerpt from a trip report I wrote. Me and a couple buddies took this trip a couple summers ago. We did the Lake Michigan Circle Tour and decided to head up to Lake Superior and while up there we went to visit the Great Lakes Shipwreck museum. We found a great little diner way up there in Michigan.

We stopped for food/gas in Grand Marais, MI (click pic to enhance)

This ended up being a blessing. One of the things I try to do on a roadtrip is not plan to eat at too many places. This way you always stumble across a gem tucked away somewhere or something unexpected. The Stern's (roadfood) would really love this place.

West Bay Diner

"This rare 26-seat 1949 Paramount "Road King" diner car is the former Matamoras diner from the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. The diner came across the Mackinac Bridge to the shore of Lake Superior in 1997"--from a postcard the waitress gave me.

This is a real small spot and if busy your order may take a while but its all worth it. On top of the diner fare they also have a ice cream station, deli, pop shop and a bunch of other things to keep you busy during your wait. Also featured on the menu is the days selection of burgers. On any day you may have a choice between beef, elk, buffalo and venison.

Not your typical diner food

One of the two pop coolers where they feature a nice selection of bottled pop

I still remember this place maybe the most out of all the stops we made for food on our epic journey around Lake Michigan and up to Lake Superior. Since we were within a few 100 yards of the great lake and they had fresh whitefish on the menu, that's what we all went with. Smart choice, always eat whats local to the area your in and you should be all good. Were will summer take me this year? Stay tuned.

Fresh fried whitefish sandwich

Whitefish and chips

Some pop for the cooler in the car as we continued our journey

West Bay Diner
P.O Box 218
Veterans Street 49839
Grand Marais, MI

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GumbyandPokey said...

We ate there two years ago. We'd had a tip that the pizza was awesome, and it was! Loved the write-up.

Anonymous said...

We used to camp out on Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore with our kids about 30 years ago and always ate at the Earl of Sandwich several times on each trip... I am told that the "Earl" has moved to the West Bay Diner and we had the opportunity to eat there several times last Fall and found the food to be quite good. So, we may have had to wait a bit... we were on a nostalgic trip back to the UP and certainly had the time. We intend to make this pilgrimage each year for the foreseeable future and cannot imagine not stopping in at the West Bay a few times!


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