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-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi

Today were headed to a classic neighborhood joint not too far from where I come from. In fact I've been eating the burgers at Muskie's since I can remember and its a place that's always been in my rotation. Its one of them spots where when you see it and its old school sign and you just gotta stop on in and see whats going on. Anyone who's lived in the 'hood and all those that currently do have most likely been to Muskie's. Its been around forever and from my recollection it hasn't really changed all that much. Its one of them neighborhood joints where the people working there are great and you can also get a well priced to go with the kindness and of course their much loved charred burgers and dogs, fresh cut fries and shakes.

a staple in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood

The menu at Muskie's is pretty simple since it is literally a small shack. Aside from their most popular item the burgers they also do up an amazing grilled chicken sandwich and have a gyro cone along with hot dogs and some exceptional fresh cut fries from real American potatoes. Some of the best fries in the city in fact. You see not to many places do up thin fresh cut fries anymore. Luckily there's still alot of spots that make fresh cut fries and Muskies is one of them and they also happen to be thin, about the same size of McDonalds but these are so, so much better.

Muskie's thinly cut fresh fries

-The Sammy's of Chi

I had heard a while back that Muskie's had a really fantastic chicken sandwich and it wasn't to be missed. So maybe about three or four years ago I finally gave their famous chicken sandwich a try. It quickly became my favorite grilled chicken sandwich in the city. They char up a well marinated breast perfectly and top it with bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Its no surprise muskie's always smells so good when you walk by. The smoke from the burgers, dogs and this fine sandwich are always grilling away while the place is open because people cant get enough. I cant get enough either and when the hankering for a char grilled chicken sandwich comes around, Muskies comes to mind. Apparently the same can be said for what seems like the entire CPD (Chicago Police Department).

Muskie's must get chicken sandwich

Chicago is a roadfood loving type of town. We love our hot dogs, beefs, pizza, taco joints and all the rest of the wonderful regional eats you can find throughout the city and course we love burgers. I wouldn't say that there's a specific "Chicago Style" burger but if I were asked to describe one, the burgers from Muskie's and how they are done would be my answer. The burgers are char grilled to your liking and the only way to get one is with cheddar. Except this isn't a slice of cheddar cheese, like so many other spots in Chicago Muskie's has been using Merkt's cheddar spread for their cheeseburgers. You don't find this spectacular combo in too many other spots around the country. The melted spread works real well with a charred burger patty and some grilled onions and mustard and the bun holds up to the slop. It's quick, cheap and always been an old neighborhood standby going on 20+ years now.

Muskie's char grilled cheddar burger

Muskie's Hamburgers
2878 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657-4202
(773) 883-1633

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That's News said...

That made me feel hungry!

What a pity I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic!

A very nicely written and well-illustrated site. Thanks. Now I'll go and get some cheese and crackers!

Denver On a Spit said...

I love that Muskie's. I have many late-night cheese fries there. Nice post.

Ben said...

I'm glad places like this are still able to hang on and survive as that part of the city becomes increasingly generic. I used to live in that area, and the burgers are definitely top notch, I'll give the chicken a try next time. Merkts cheddar + fresh cut is so necessary.

Jane said...

Cheddar on the chicken is also a great combo.


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