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Monk's Bar & Grill

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Wisconsin

Its summertime and you can feel the heat already here in Chi. With summer comes many a roadtrip for people from all walks of life to spots throughout the Midwest and on. One of the more popular spots for vacationing Chicagoans and others from all around the Midwest is the Wisconsin Dells. Its our answer to the Jersey Shore. Well it might not be quite as trashy but its definitely a place you take the kids and probably a place you should avoid if going on a trip with the girlfriend. I have a soft spot for the Dells because I've been going there since my youth and really loved it as a kid, it is Americas Water Park Capitol, and its a place I made quite a few trips to during my days in Madison.

Only in the Dells...and a bunch of other places in America

If one thing always remained a constant during my trips (when I was young I liked the waterparks, in college, the casino, loved the mini golf then and now) it has got to be Monk's Bar & Grill located in the Downtown Dells area. Its been around since 1947 and the burgers and onions they do up have been flooding the streets of the Downtown Dells with their wonderful smells since then too.

a popular stop in the WI Dells

I might not be as big of a fan of the Dells as I was in my youth but Monks is still on my "I love it" list. I'm not trying to sit here and bash the Dells, its a good time and I will be back one day whether its with kids and a wife or my GF or with da boys, I don't know. I got to stop for just an hour or two in the Dells last Labor day when we were doing up the area of LaCrosse, WI. The reason for our stopping was to grab one of Monks world famous burgers for lunch. As soon as we neared the building where it stays, the smells of fried onions and beef hit us. What started out as a bar just a 1/2 block away from where it rests now has turned into a full fledged two story restaurant and bar with great service and bomb ass burgers and beer.

Second level of Monks looking down at the first floor

When it comes to dining both fine and roadfood like spots, the Dells just doesn't have much. With or without Monk's there is a handful of really good spots worth returning too. In fact whenever I was in the Dells for multiple days I went to monks at least twice if not more times. Its a part of WI Dells nostalgia, everyone who's been to the Dells has been to the world famous Badgers sports bar that's flooded with fun memorabilia and articles on the walls. There are now two other locations but I have only been to the downtown Dells venue and always love my burger and beers. Monk's is an old school type burger spot and hasn't changed their Monk burger which is the one that started it all. The Monk burger is a fresh slowly simmered patty that's topped with Monks signature grilled onions and classic pickles. Other toppings are available but I would rec. a Monk burger on my first visit. However on my most recent trip there I wanted to indulge in a bacon cheeseburger since we were in Wisconsin.

Monks bacon double cheeseburger with grilled onions and pickle

Wisconsin is a state thats home to many great burger spots and Monks is one of them in mine and many others books. Its a burger that has always tatsted the same from the middle 90's to now and I assume it tasted the way it does today back in 1947 when the family run business first got started. The fresh beef, potent onions and pickles (classic toppings) and a bakery made bun all play a role in the modling of the Monk burger. Its the type of spot thats visited by locals and types of tourists from families to people looking to go out and have a fun night. Its got a great atmosphere and a damn good burger. Its the spot everyone loves.

Since 1947

Monk's Bar & Grill
220 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells, WI

(608) 254-2955

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh Monks has been a favorite of mine for years. And Just a vouple blocks away is the Parkway Motel. Nothing fancy... but they also have a CABOOSE where they sell Chicago Style Hot Dogs.

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