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Prime Rib Hash (Leftovers)

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I love hash, all kinds of it. Since there are more Prime Ribs sold during the holiday season than any other time, I have been waiting to share this. As far as I'm concerned PR is the ultimate holiday meal and my favorite way to celebrate. Is there any other meal that's more fit for a King? If your doing up a prime rib then you might have some leftovers. Check out this recipe HERE I did last year with a piece of PRIME meat from Joseph's Finest Meats at 7101 W Addison. If your going to be doing it up right and spending cash on a whole prime rib this holiday season then I highly recommend going to Joseph's. It wont only be better but in most cases its also cheaper and family owned. This my friends is real deal prime meat, dry aged and full of beefy flavor. So what to do with the leftovers?

KingT's Prime Rib Hash (Recipe)

leftover prime rib (cut up into square pieces)
leftover mashed potato's (mixed with binder and formed into patty's)
chopped onions and pepper
Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper

Step 1) Take your leftover rib and chop it down. Make sure to trim some of the fat but save it to lube the pan.

This... this

Step 2) Take your leftover mashed potatoes and add an egg to them and form them into patty's. You can also add any seasoning or whatever else you think might be good. I added bacon and chives to mine. These take 15-20 minutes maybe longer to cook. Make sure your pan is well lubed and turn them often at the beginning so they dont stick. Make sure they get an outside crust. When the pancakes are done set them on a plate and leave it in a warming oven until ready.

From this... this

Step 3) Chop down your onions and peppers. How much you use depends on how much meat you have left but figure 1/3 of the hash should be the pepper/onion mixture. Melt fat in fry pan and add veggie mixture into the pan and season with S&P and saute until translucent. About 7-8 minutes in add 3-4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce and mix it up and move to the side. Add the pieces of prime rib and cook for 3-4 minutes until heated thru or if you like it crispy, let it cook a while. Again, make sure your pan is hot when dropping the beef in.

Meat and Veggies always make a winner

Step 4) Mix up your meat and veggies and drop them over the potato patty's and dash with hot sauce. Enjoy.

chibbqking prime rib hash

Finest Meats
7101 W Addison St
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 736-3766

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