Monday, December 28, 2009

Alma Pita

-Oh Yeah, I've been there too...
Alma Pita in Uptown

Welcome to the newest ongoing series at chibbqking: "Oh yeah, I've been there to". Quick run downs of places that I also happen to have been too along the way on the great Chicago eating trail.

Neighborhood: Uptown
Cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean
Price Range: $7-$10
Would I go again? Yes if I was in the hood and felt like this type of food, definitely.

Unnassuming on the outside but good stuff from within

Alma pita is a tiny little family owned storefront that I went to over a year ago and quite enjoyed for what it was. Since I just drove by it along Wilson ave and was in the mood for something light that night I decided to give it a try. It had some regulars talking it up with the owners and it looked like a popular neighborhood spot. The menu had the usual stuff seen on a Lebanese menu and I opted for the combination plate with two types of beef including kifta kebab and one type of chicken. That came with a salad and lentil soup. Next time I'm there and there will be one, I hope to further explore the menu but will again be getting some lentil soup. It was quite tasty and quite comforting during the winter. Healthy too I assume. Service was extra friendly and prices were great. All in all it was a very good experience.

lentil soup from Alma Pita

Combination Plate

Alma Pita
4600 North Magnolia Avenue
(entrance on Wilson ave)
Chicago, IL 60640-5083
(773) 561-2787

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