Thursday, December 3, 2009

Marie's Pizza & Liquors turns 70 in 2010

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

Another month, another classic! This time it's over to Marie's Pizza and Liquors for a pie that is many Chicagoans absolute favorite. So the saying goes at Marie's "seven decades of keeping the Northwest side satisfied" and there's certainly no doubting that. Its been an Albany Park neighborhood favorite since they tossed their first pie in the front window and sold their first bottle of booze back in 1940. Its been a favorite of mine since I can recall and I remember being there when Kirk Gibson hit his dramatic World Series home run in 1988. The topic of best pizza is a country wide debate that gets very heated in regions where pizza is popular and Chicago is no different. As far as tavern style thin (real Chicago style) goes, Marie's is always mentioned by me and many when the best is discussed.

a Chicago landmark

On top of serving amazing thin crust tavern style pizza Marie's doubles as a full service liquor store and is also a sports bar and banquet facility making it a great place to go with a large group of people. Its a place that truly caters to its neighbors needs. Where is the best place in Chicago to eat pizza, drink beer and watch sports? Marie's. It is for sure one of the best neighborhood joints in all of America and one of the country's coolest places to enjoy a pizza pie. Especially during the holiday season when they deck the walls and halls with Christmas spirit. Passerby's can see the cooks making fresh pie's in the window. Shall we?

Pizza Makers make more than 150 pies each shift

Fully connected to a full service liquor store, you can score a bottle of wine on your way in that you can bring to the table with you. Don't feel like leaving your couch but still want pizza and beer? Marie's will deliver them to you. In fact Marie's ships their pizza anywhere in the country. Every other Wednesday is cabaret night with a piano and open mic and then Thursday's its "Jazz and Martini's at Marie's" with the Grammy nominated Jeannie Tanner Trio. Live music is also featured on "Swingin' Friday's" and each Saturday its a taste of Vegas with the Gino Fontine strolling trio playing your requests at tableside. If the Miller High Life guy was looking for a spot to sit back, relax and catch a contact, Marie's would fit the description perfectly.

Marie's gets in the Holiday spirit and it spreads when dining in

Marie's has another saying that reads "Chicago thin pizza=beer's best friend" and you better believe that a place that lives by these words takes it sports seriously. At Marie's they love sports and have big screen TV's elegantly placed throughout the dining room area and all across the bar. If the game is on...THE GAME IS ON! Marie's fully supports Chicago's sports teams, even if it isn't the best of times these days. In a somewhat weird entanglement they also like the Bronco's. I don't know if Jay Cutler has been over there yet or what Marie's thinks of him. But if he wants to check it out and go drink some cocktails and eat some of Chicago's best pizza and watch some Bulls basketball and forget about this mess for a few hours-I'm game to take him over and do so.

Once you step in Marie' know your livin' the high life

The pizza at Marie's is what keeps the people coming back for generations on end. The atmosphere is old school and the vibe is always festive but without good pizza it wouldn't have survived from 1940 up to now. Available in their signature tavern Chicago style thin and also double dough-with two pieces of dough rolled together. There is no reason to be ordering the double dough, Marie's makes a Windy City Champion's thin crust pizza and its the only way to go here. One little tip that I can give to those who like their pizza with some char and crispness to it just like tavern style is supposed to be-just ask for it "well done" or "extra crispy" and you shall get what you want.

Thin crust Sausage from Marie's...since 1940

Marie's also has their own signature pie which includes sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms. Another topping combo that comes highly recommended from the good folks over at LTH is bacon, mushrooms and onions. As KennyZ put it after trying one "It was phenomenal, and now easily tops the list of my favorite pizzas at this establishment. The bacon was super-crisp and the saltiness was balanced perfectly by the earthy, real shrooms. Mouth-watering stuff that was so good I nearly wrestled to get the tray back after I foolishly agreed to share a slice with the table next to us." Another reason it makes for a great place to go with a group is you can order a few pizzas and try them all. Of course a standard one of my order is a pizza with just sausage.

Crispy edges are a regular at Marie's when dining in

As far crispness goes I think Marie's might be the best and most consistent at it in the city. As long as you ask for it well done it doesn't disappoint. Another reason Chicago thin pizza is so good is it doesn't matter where, they always use good sausage. Marie's has above average sausage and sauce and its strong points are for the crust and atmosphere. Its so hard to pick one pizza as the very best in a city where there are quite a few. Its like picking the best burger in the country or the best hot dog in Chicago. Everyone is going to have an opinion and arguments will ensue. There is no argument when mentioning Marie's as one of Chicago's best pizzas, tavern style thin or otherwise, and its without a doubt one of its most jubilant places to celebrate whatever it is that's cause for celebration. Here's to a happy holiday season with plenty of celebration. Cheers.

a piece of tavern style thin from Marie's

Rating Scale 5/5

crust: 4
sauce: 4
toppings: 4
Crispness: 5

Score: 17/20

Marie's Pizza & Liquors
4129 West Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630-2821
(773) 725-1853

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Nov said...

I've been to Marie's and it's a great old school chicago pizza joint. i wish they'd open a locale a little more centrally located though

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! These foods look really good for the most part but you should think of hiring a photographer.
Check out my blog!

kennymfg said...

Q's has amazing thin pizza.

Love your site also. kennymfg

KingT said...

Whats up Kenny dont gotta tell me twice. One of my fav's

Don K. said...

I love this style of pizza! We'wve got a lot of it down here in Northwest Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta go back on Tuesday, mini Beef Sausage or Meat Ball sandwiches $2 each. Add those to a Maries Great pizza and it's the best meal this side of heaven!!

Nickname unavailable said...

I went to Marie's a couples times when I lived in Albany Park, their food sucks.

Piece has the best pizza in Chicago by far.

KingT said...

Hey nickname unvail...who you crappin? Marie's is a Chicago piza institution serving real Chicago style pizza which is Tavern style, Piece is ok, nothing special, esp. in Chicago.


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